A Union of Souls by K.D Richardson

Reviewed by Nas

A Union of Souls
A Union of Souls

A UNION OF SOULS by author K. D. Richardson is a unique tale of an accidental switching of souls when both the characters are involved in an accident.

Louis Sherman was a successful man. He was an accountant but he lived alone and was overweight. In fact he had no life outside of work. Yet he yearned for normal family life.

Having a normal family life consisting of his wife and a child hadn't changed Travis Lane. He was an alcoholic and abusive person. He could barely control his temper. Due to his habits he was on the verge of losing his family.

After an accident Travis wakes up in the hospital with amnesia but believing his name to be Travis. Will he be able to mend his bridges with his wife and son now?

Author K. D. Richardson brings this exceptional story alive for us on the pages. It is a gripping tale of second chances and past secrets. This story hooked me from the very first page and I wanted to know how it would all end. I found this author, Mr. K. D. Richardson to be a master story teller.