The Sheikh's Redemption by Olivia Gates

Reviewed by Nas

The Sheikh's Redemption (Harlequin Desire)
The Sheikh's Redemption (Harlequin Desire)

THE SHEIKH'S REDEMPTION by USA Bestselling author Olivia Gates is a Harlequin Desire release for June 2012.

Roxanne was back in Azmahar after eight years. She had walked out of an intense relationship with Prince Haidar Aal Shalaan and had vowed never to come back. The economic instability of Azmahar brought her back. As a political and economic analyst, she was the best there was. But it also brought her face to face with Haidar. And she found out that the spark still flew between them! Now the question was, who would she support to the throne?

Haidar, along with his twin Jalal and a cousin were contenders for the vacant throne. He decides to visit Roxanne first when he visits Azmahar. When she opened her door to him, he felt the jolt of electricity and desire which had been dormant. Would he be able to bring the sensual woman he knew which lurked under the business exterior to the fore again?

THE SHEIKH'S REDEMPTION is a romance story amid the political power play. Filled with strong characters, snappy and witty dialogue, it also has tender sweet and exciting moments. Haidar is an emotionally tortured hero, who believes no one would ever love him. Roxanne is a sensual and strong heroine who knows what she wants and goes for it. How she manages to make Haidar open up to her emotionally is tenderly written. Olivia Gates made us visualize the story with her impeccable story telling. The emotional and sensory details are exquisitely done and the sensuality in the love scene just sizzles.