Unlocking the Surgeon's Heart by Jessica Matthews

Reviewed by Nas

UNLOCKING THE SURGEON’S HEART by author Jessica Mathews is a Mills & Boon Medical Romance release for June 2012.

Dr. Linc Maguire feels the exuberant Nurse Christy Michaels is too over excitable and adventure seeking. He had plans on getting married by forty and settle to domestic bliss. But his plans did not include someone like Nurse Christy.

When her best friend approached her to look after her two children while she was in Paris, Christy was happy to oblige. But sharing the parenting duties with the children’s favorite uncle, Linc made her hesitate as he was too serious and staid to her liking. And he didn’t seem to trust her to be firm with the children.

Sharing the parental duties together brought Christy and Linc together and they started seeing each other with new perspective.

What Linc wanted to know was why Christy seemed hell bent on thrill seeking adventures. She went white water rafting or bungee jumping. What will Linc find out behind Christy’s very adventurous exterior? For she had a secret so powerful that it can change the course of their lives. She was a cancer survivor and may never have children of her own. It was the reason she took one day at a time and lived life to the full.

Linc realized he loved her and wanted to be with her. But will he stick with her when the going gets tough?

UNLOCKING THE SURGEON’S HEART is an emotional story. The progression of love between Linc and Christy is tender and overwhelms the heart. The poignant and realistic way in which they deal with any future hurdle is truly magical to read. Jessica Mathews spellbinds us with her superb storytelling. This romantic tale is rich with emotion and all of the characters are exquisitely rendered.