Letting Go With Doctor Rodriguez by Fiona Lowe

Reviewed by Nas

LETTING GO WITH DOCTOR RODRIGUEZ  by author Fiona Lowe is a Mills & Boon Medical Romance release for July 2012.

Dr. Marco Rodriguez is overworked and under immense pressure since his practice partner, Dr. William Patterson broke his leg and was recuperating. He needed another doctor at the practice immediately but dare he approach Dr. Lucy Patterson, William’s daughter for help?

She was a capable doctor yet he was not convinced about her ethical standards as he found her sneaking around trying to read her father’s medical files without permission.

Marco also feels awareness of her sensuality whenever she’s near and he didn’t do love or commitments. He was happy in his life as he was. He was a solo dad of a son who had cerebral palsy. And Lucy had her own bridges to mend with her dad. She found out she was lied to by her parents as she was an adopted child. What will happen when Lucy tries to find her birth mother? Why did her adopted father lie to her in the first place? 

LETTING GO WITH DOCTOR RODRIGUEZ was a fast paced, emotional journey of a story, amid medical drama. Lucy is a strong heroine who is trying to discover who she really is after finding out she is adopted. Marco is a gorgeous, Argentine hero, who plays polo and is a well loved doctor in Outback Australia. Author Fiona Lowe can be relied on to deliver an emotional, compelling and captivating read that keeps a reader engrossed from the first page and LETTING GO WITH DOCTOR RODRIGUEZ is no exception!