Unnoticed and Untouched by Lynn Raye Harris

Reviewed by Desere

I have long been a huge fan of Lynn Raye Harris but oh my word this time she really really outdid herself ! I am a very big fan of racing and to see if pinned down along with the combination of a romance was wonderful ! I was so entranced and enchanted by this absolutely stunning book it just simply blew me away !

The characters were superb ! Faith is the average normal grey suited secretary that has everything in place for her drop dead gorgeous boss. His appointments and everything else in the office runs as smooth as a Swiss timepiece. She rises to each and every challenge no matter what.

Sexy as sin Lorenzo D'Angeli owns the racetrack in every sense of the world even a life altering crash cannot  make him falter from his decision to one last time proof his worth on and off the racetrack.

However when he approaches his grey suited secretary to be at his more than his beck and call Faith insists she is not the woman for the job but with is brutally influential charm he convinces her to do just that,and what follows is a on off track romance that is a true masterpiece.

As very soon they are trapped in "relationship" that the author fills with action and passion packed scenes hot of the track.  I loved every single second of this I could not read fast enough to see what happens next.

The author truly keeps you entertained and never disappoints And what a ending ( I am not going to give it away) but I will say that I was truly overjoyed at the very inspired end to a fabulous book. The author also really did her homework on the racing scenes and that made the book even more delightful to know that what I am reading   is based on facts. One heart stopping action and romance packed read !

I urge everyone to race to the store now to grab this one !

5/5 stars

Reviewed by Nas

UNNOTICED AND UNTOUCHED by author Lynn Raye Harris is a Mills & Boon Modern release for July 2012.

Business tycoon Lorenzo D’Angeli is tired of advances from socialites and ropes in his very prim and proper PA, Faith Black to act his date for an evening. What he doesn’t realize is the punch in the gut he’ll feel by seeing his Miss Proper in her evening wear.

 Faith was used to her playboy boss’s changing of women. She had no intention of becoming another notch on his very full bed post. But she hadn’t taken into account the spark she’ll feel under his full attention. He was sexy and hot! And she was inexperienced. But where Renzo went, media and tabloids followed. Did she want to be in the eyes of the media? She had made mistakes and worked hard to build her reputation. Did she want her one mistake to be highlighted by media again? What had she done and why had she left her home and family behind?

Now that Faith has experienced Renzo’s brand of sexual sizzle, will she be able to walk away from him? After all Renzo was not big on love and commitments.

UNNOTICED AND UNTOUCHED really packs an emotional punch along with some very sensual scenes. It is fast paced, sexy and romantic tale with characters who catches your attention and your heart. Lynn Raye Harris, in this story, keeps a reader emotionally involved from the first page as they crave for resolution as much as the characters. This is a romance which sizzles and sparkles.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars.