Bargain In Bronze by Natalie Anderson

Reviewed by Nas

Bargain in Bronze (Flirting to Win)

BARGAIN IN BRONZE by author Natalie Anderson is an Entangled Publishing release for August 2012.

Libby Harris was just making muesli for an Olympic trainee, but his brother mistook her for Tom's girlfriend. Jack Barnes was just being protective of his younger brother. But he couldn't deny the sizzling awareness he felt for Libby. But what type of a brother would make a move on his younger brother's girl?

Then he asked Libby if she was interested in his brother and hearing her deny any involvement, Jack makes his move.

Libby was not ready for any long term commitment anyway. Could she just take her fun and walk away?

And will Jack let her walk away after their sizzling encounters?

BARGAIN IN BRONZE is written with warmth, compassion and charm. It is another sensational story from the superb pen of Natalie Anderson.

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