Enemies at the Altar by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Desere :

In this the second book of the outrageous sisters duo Mrs Milburne as certainly done it again. It was a book of blackmail and romance and a almost forbidden passion.

I loved how Sienna gave as good as she got right back to Andreas,the man called her all sorts of names that would make a normal woman back down and just give up but not Sienna.The author made her strong and willing to fight back I just loved it !!!

And Andreas what a delicious character Mrs Milburne you certainly had be on the edge of my seat !

I cannot wait to see what next incredible wonderful story the author dreams up for us next !!

My Rating : 5/5 stars


Reviewed by Nas
Mills & Boon : Enemies At The Altar
Enemies at the Altar (Harlequin Presents)
Enemies at the Altar (Harlequin Presents)

ENEMIES AT THE ALTAR by author Melanie Milburne is Mills & Boon Modern and Sexy release for July 2012.

Billionaire Andreas Ferrante certainly didn't want to see Sienna Baker at his father's funeral, let alone expect to inherit jointly from his will. His father made a clause for Andreas and Sienna to stay married to each other for six months for him to inherit his mother's estate.

Now Andreas would do anything to keep his mother's estate in his family, but would he marry Sienna?

Sienna had a teenage crush on Andreas but when he had rejected her, she had certainly moved on. She hated him and all he stood for now, will she marry him for money?

And after their marriage, when they discover the volatile attraction between them, what will they do? After all they married for six months only.
Would Andreas let her go after the six months is over? And does Sienna have the courage to take a stand or would she be meek like her own mother?

ENEMIES AT THE ALTAR has engaging characters and an intriguing plot. The romance is outstanding with great sexual tension and chemistry between Andreas and Sienna. Author Melanie Milburne seemed to be writing about real people in situations that could happen. The dialogue is snappy and fun and story is very fast paced. I loved this miniseries of The Outrageous Sisters. The first book was DESERVING OF HIS DIAMONDS? This depicted Sienna's twin Gisele's story.

Well worth reading.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Reviewed by Maria

This was a tremendously entertaining read.  It is the second of the Outrageous Sisters Series (although, heaven knows, they weren't that outrageous!).  The story of twin sisters parted at birth and their respective love stories.  Just check out this plot.

He thinks that she's the gold digging slut that the media makes her out to be.  She thinks that he's an arrogant, self-important bastard.  Then his father's will is read out. In order for Andreas to get his inheritance he has to marry Sienna and stay wed for a t least six month.  Sienna initially says 'no way' and storms out as does he.  But they both have second thoughts.  He wants that chateau in France.  She really needs money as her mother and husband are both dead.  She arrives at his office and tells his secretary that Andreas' fiancee has arrived and to see her at once.  When they meet they have a standard fight, callling each other abusive names and you can imagine how the sparks fly.  And how they will fly after marriage.

But when they marry and really get to know each other, then their opinions are bound to change.  Then, will the sparks fly for real?  You'll find yourself reading just to find out....

A fast moving, enjoyable read with memorable characters, entertaining dialogue and an engaging story line.  Like I said, pure entertainment all the way.