The Best Beach Reads -Free First Chapters - Various Authors

Reviewed by Desere

The Best Beach Reads - free preview of 4 sizzling summer romancesThe Best Beach Reads- Get Free at Amazon

This book filled with four chapters each the first chapter of books by brilliant authors Heidi Rice,Sarah Morgan ,India Grey and Kristen Higgens.

The book was stunning the only complaint I have is after reading the first chapters of all books I am now so frustrated that I could not get to read the rest of the stories but I guess that was the intention of the creators of the book ,you like what you read now go buy the rest !

The book had a large combination of passion,lust,fun,and truly emotional romance at it's best. Each author has their own unique writing style and the first chapters gave just enough insight to make you know you want to know what the rest is and what happens to who.

I would recommend all books to every reader based only on what I have read so far. The authors certainly show why they are some of the best out there !

Well done ladies

My rating : 5/5 stars


Review by Nas

The Best Beach Reads- even the name is tantalising!

This book had the first chapters of four books by some of the best authors. Heidi Rice, Sarah Morgan, India Grey and Kristen Higgens.

After getting this tantalising glimpse by reading the first chapters, I really want to read the rest of the stories.

What can I say? Every reader out there is going to love these stories by these fabulous authors.


Review by Maria

Yes, it's a good read.  A nice array of samples.  Three of  these writers are new to me, Kristin Higgins, Sarah Morgan and India Grey.  They are skilful and competent storytellers who know how to hook a reader and I'll be checking out their work in the future.  The books samples are intriguing, each one very different.  Like Nas and Desere mentioned, I would like to read on.  But when I read the Heidi Rice sample, I smiled to myself.  PS I'm Pregnant was originally published in the UK as HOT SHOT TYCOON, INDECENT PROPOSAL and I have a copy in my TBR pile.  It's now next on my list to read.  Heidi Rice writes Irish heroes like no other writer I know.  She is so authentic that it is uncanny.  It came as no surprise for me to learn that she's half Irish.  It's nice to see the Irish men up there with the exotic continental heroes.  Having said this, none of the heroes here are exotic, they all seem solidly Anglo-Saxon.  But that's M&B isn't it?  They have something for everyone.  Sometimes you need an exotic hero and sometimes you need to read about the boy next door.  Isn't variety the spice of life after all?

Download this book, read and enjoy.  And check out the books for further reading if you wish.  This is a good way to get your holiday reading sorted.