A Dangerous Infatuation by Chantelle Shaw

Reviewed by Desere

Rocco D’Angelo doesn’t do needy women – and he certainly doesn’t do commitment! But what happens when he spark he feels with his grandmother's nurse Emma (who I can tell you was a stunning character) somewhat lets him find himself out of his league?

Yes you guessed it Emma is not your normal I will fall at the good looking Mr D'Angelo's feet kind of woman.But yes she is also like most heroines not completely irresistible to his charms I mean just reading the book and seeing how the author describes the man is enough to make me go sure "I'll go with you to the Italian Riviera" !

Emma might just might be able to tame the hunk but can she control her own infatuation with the best thing that has ever come along.

Now doesn't that sound like a fabulous read well let me tell you ladies this one most certainly was FABULOUS !

The wonderful and brilliant author Chantelle Shaw from the start not only grabed my attention but she held all the way through, it was so powerful that is actually to me felt like  I was Emma being seduced by the delicious Rocco!

Ladies this one is pure romance at it's best !

5/5 star review