Behind the Castello Doors by Chantelle Shaw

Reviewed by Desere

Promising your best friend on her death bed that you will find the man responsible for getting her pregnant and then taking off,well so to speak is a difficult task for anyone and a burden I would not want.

At reading the back cover I was very reluctant to read the story as I do not really like the woman in distress so much ,however it being a Chantelle Shaw book was enough to let me know that I had to try it.

And when reading this book I was totally trapped and could not get out. The author completely hooked me with poor Beth who gives up everything and then finds the so called father.

Showing up with this helpless child in her arms,feeling totally out of place and ready to fight in honor of her beloved deceased friend poor Beth captured my heart and soul.

And my oh my the poor Cesario, a heartbroken man who after the death of his child and wife has never really even thought of a new start was the perfect "tortured" hero to read about! As said before I do not really prefer my heroines distressed and needing to beg for help,but the author surprised me with a strong and wonderful woman and a excellent story of one person saving the life of another by letting their hearts live again.

Excellent work Chantelle !

5/5 star review