In Bed with the Opposition by Stephanie Draven

Reviewed by Desere

This was the very first Stephanie Draven book I have ever read and I shall be looking for more ! The passion,intrigue,mystery and political drama really packed a punch !

The characters were fun,sassy and wonderfully realistic,yes like I was inside the book behind the scenes. And boy what wonderful scenes this author created !

I loved how they challenged each other around every corner and at the same time could not deny each other. And the wonderful rekindling of old flames was beautifully incorporated by in my books a very talented author who certainly knows what she is doing and just what to say and how much detail to go into to make me as reader keep reading.

The characters were delightful and very addictive ! I only have one complaint the book was some what too short at the end it felt like I needed it to go one for say one or two more chapters. But none the less a excellent read!

5/5 star review


Reviewed by Nas

In Bed With the Opposition
In Bed With The Opposition (Harlequin Desire)

IN BED WITH THE OPPOSITION by author Stephanie Draven is an Entangled Publishing release for October 2012.

Grace Santiago met Ethan Castle after ten years and realised that she was still attracted to him. She felt the jolt of awareness every time he looked at her. Dare she let him back in her heart again? After all she had an explosive secret in her past.

Now both of them work for opposing political parties and were competitors. Would Ethan act on his attraction for Grace or would he let politics determine his decision?

IN BED WITH THE OPPOSITION is a very sensual romance amid the political drama. The dialogue is witty and fast. The story itself is a very fast paced. This was my first Stephanie Draven story and I loved her writing.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Reviewed by Maria

Ever heard of a political romance?  No, neither did I.  It's not that there aren't novels set in the political world with romances in them (C.P. Snow's CORRIDORS OF POWER comes to mind, not to mention many a Jeffrey Archer novel), but I've never heard of them within the context of category romance.  We probably will from now on, if Stephanie  Draven has anything to do with it.

This novel is different from most of the romance novels I've read.  Maybe it's because politics is different from any other realm of life.  It's a very dirty game, where the winds of change can blow and completely change the scenario in an entirely unexpected way.

Firstly, most category romance novels take place in a period of a couple of days or weeks, with an epilogue for the 'one year later' or 'six months  later' scenario if needed.  This one took place over a period of months, which I found  unusual.  One minute, the heroine was ready for the Hallowe'en party.  Next, it was Christmas and then New Year.  Then Valentine's Day came up, then St. Patrick's Day.  I couldn't help wondering why the heroine and her man saw so little of each other.  Working hard, obviously.  Well, apparently, politics is not a good area to work in if you relish your love life.  It also gave the impression that the affair/story was moving rather slowly.

For consenting adults, Grace and Ethan seemed to have nowhere to go when they wanted to get it together.  The cloakroom at a function?  I couldn't believe it!  I mean, it's not that I'm not into a bit of spontaneous romance when the mood grabs you, but this pair were like homeless folk the time came to make love.  I mean, they both had their own apartments.  Couldn't Grace do what every other girlfriend in the world does, at least now and again, and cook dinner for her man at home?  Obviously, her job as Girl Friday to Senator Kip Halloway took precedence over her entire existence.  Well obviously, that's political life (how severe is that?).

I enjoyed reading about Grace's dilemma, her attraction to her old college boyfriend Ethan Castle who is now a political handler for an opposing campaign to Grace's Senator boss.  I could also sense her attraction to the Senator's grandson, as he is someone she always idolized, someone who could give her entry into a family she loves.  The Senator looms large in this story and is a really inspired piece of characterization.  In fact, the book actually reads like mainstream fiction rather than a romance novel.  So if you're looking to read something romantic with an extra dimension, this could be the one for you.

I enjoyed Stephanie  Draven's writing and will certainly look out for her work in future

4/5 stars