The Navy Seal's Promise by Soraya Lane

Reviewed by Nas


THE NAVY SEAL'S PROMISE by author Soraya Lane is a September 2012 release.

United States Army Corporal Saskia Cullen comes home just for 48hrs to spend Christmas with her son. But her connecting flight is grounded due to heavy snow.

Navy SEAL Luke Gray just met her on the flight but for some reason he can't see Saskia disappointed and vows to make her meet her son and fulfill her promise. Why does Luke want to do this for a starnger? Why would he want to make a stranger fulfill her promise to a loved one?

Then he calls in a favor and gets the army humvee to drive her home through the snow. And they have scorching chemistry between them and are attracted to each other. Well, on the way they do get stuck, and how do they spend the time in the hummer? Luke didn't even know that it was a secret fantasy of his to make love in the back of the military hummer!

The sensuality in the love scene is astounding. There are some choice words but as part of the dialogue it was well placed.

I loved it! It was fun with sassy dialogue. Very fast paced as I read it in just one sitting. Highly emotional.

Well worth reading.

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Reviewed by Desere

Trying to get home to see your son ,getting stranded on the way with a sexy as sin Navy Seal ...sounds very appealing right well of course it does !

Soraya Lane is a new author to me and I have never read her work before so I in all honesty did not know what to expect as I have long been a fan of romance and also of Navy Seal/Military books but I have my selected authors that I know will incorporate enough military tit bits into the book to perfectly mix in with the romance.

I very quickly learned that Mrs Lane knows her stuff and also managed to transport me into the lives of two stunning characters Saskia and Luke were both powerful in their own right,independent and very likeable.The passion level between both was absolutely perfectly written and the scenes were vivid enough for me to escape to the world every woman dreams of.

I felt connected with all characters in the book which from my experience is not something just any author can manage,it takes a special kind of something for me to feel emotionally involved with what I am reading on the page and to really feel the level of emotion the author packed into her work.

Soraya managed this perfectly and so much more. I was entranced, and completely in love with every single second and the ending my oh my I could just die from happiness !

Well done Soraya keep it coming !

5/5 star review


Reviewed by Maria

This independent release from Harlequin Mills and Boon author Soraya Lane topped the Amazon charts recently.  It's a heartwarming love story which tells us that the little things are just as important as the big things - sometimes. 

Luke can hardly believe that the beautiful woman who's been sleeping on his shoulder for most of the plane journey is a soldier, US Army Corporal Saskia Cullen.  Corporal Cullan is home on 48 hours leave to spend Christmas with her young son.  But as the airport is enveloped with swirling snowflakes, the likelihood of Saskia reaching home diminishes.  Will her journey end in tears and will she have to turn back and return to duty?  Luke, a military man, albeit in a different branch of  service has no one waiting for him at home after the death of his wife and parents.  He resolves there and then to move every obstacle to get this woman home to spend the holidays with her son.  He calls in a favour that was owed to him and like the gallant braveheart he grants the fair lady her wish.  The two fall in love on the road and their passionate love scenes look set to melt the snow and ice around them.  But once the modern day knight grants the lady her wish, is this the end of the story?  Or is there a future for this couple who met by total accident?

This is a story which tells us that in these troubled times, heroes still exist.  It's a story which reiterates our belief in love and family and the fact is that in life, it is the little things - like spending Christmas with your child - that really matter.  Everything else is just incidental.

A heartwarming read which is perfect for the coming winter season.