Goddess & The Geek by Louise Cusack

Goddess & The Geek (a Hapless Heros)

Reviewed by Desere ~

This was the perfect combination of fun and sexy. The story tells of how a hot babe and a geek find one another and ultimately love.

But with the added touch of some online voodoo this made for a really interesting read. Imagine the two main  characters not only being trapped together but one trying to "find the other " and the other one trying to not to kill him ! Now that is the perfect setting for an awesome read !

The book had memorable characters, vividly delicious and funky scenes, and just enough craziness to keep me highly entertained.

The author delivers the kind of scenes you would expect from a feel good comedy on screen, but with so much more of a punch it will leave you wanting more.

I particularly love how she brings her characters (who believe me, are not the kind of people you would expect falling for each other in real life) together. It is one of those " Really? Them a couple ?"

Her writing is fun,fresh and has a added twist around every corner I mean page that is sure to entertain every kind of reader !

4/5 star review

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Reviewed by Nas
GODDESS & THE GEEK by author Louise Cusack is a Flirt Press release for September 2012. It is part of a Hapless Heros series.

Julian is a computer nerd and goes with his colleague to spend time alone at his Island home. What he doesn't realise is that the home, which he expected to be empty and isolated, already has a sitting tenant.

Tall, gorgeous and hot stranger turns out to be the cousin of his collegue. Natasha Barri has moved in her cousins home after having a bit of problem at hers. But she excpected to be alone as she has not lived with another human since the last five years. Could Julian and Natasha co exist peacefully in the same house?

Living together, Julian feels attracted to Natasha but does she reciprocate? Julian tries a bit of online voodoo. Would Julian's voodoo work?

GODDESS & THE GEEK is fresh and fun. It is filled with amusing dialogue and witty comebacks. Author Louise Cusack has brought a refreshing story filled with hilarious and unusual characters.

A very enjoyable read and highly recommended!

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Reviewed by Maria

A novella in Louise Cusack's Hapless Heroes series.  Louise really pushes the envelope where romance writing is concerned.  With each book, I'm dying to see what innovation she's going to try this time.

A bespectacled academic and a long limbed island goddess are about the last pair you'd expect to get it together, right?  But Louise makes it happen and oh, so credibly.  Natasha is an island amazon, who lives in the tropics and farms oysters.  A hardened heart would make her unsusceptible to the most enticing alpha male.  So how will the decidedly un-alpha Julian win her heart?  And more interestingly, what will he do with it when he wins it?  This is the question that will have the reader skimming the pages.

Enjoyable dialogue and characters make it great reading entertainment.  Recommended by me too!

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