A Night of No Return by Sarah Morgan

A Night of No Return

Reviewed by Desere

Mrs Morgan is one of the few authors that is able to transport you to  the dreamiest of locations,with the most powerful,memorable characters and a outstanding tale of romance in vivid detail.

In A Night of No Return the author has once again magically in a matter of mere hours taken me on a journey like no other.

Mrs Morgan takes two characters,stunningly handsome Lucas tormented by grief  and driven to never let love in,and kind hearted Emma driven only to provide for her family and most of all never to turn into her mother,and slowly lets a beautiful and somewhat unconventional relationship blossom.

Mrs Morgan 's characterization was superb and with her descriptive writing I could see the Zubranian coastline and feel the dessert heat touch my skin. The dialogue was flawless the depth and personality of both characters being described perfectly.

I loved how Mrs Morgan pulled me into the childhood memories of both Emma and Lucas,slowly letting a pass life come to light and offering insight into the reasons behind the actions of both lost souls.

And in the end the lesson of being saved by love shone through and brought me to tears.

Mrs Morgan not only knows how to make a lasting impression but to create a story so memorable and vivid that it turns into a memory and lesson you carry with you through your own journeys of life and love.

Well done Mrs Morgan

5/5 star review


Reviewed by Nas

A Night of No Return (Harlequin Presents)

A NIGHT OF NO RETURN by USA Bestselling Author Sarah Morgan is a November 2012 release by Harlequin Presents.

Lucas Jackson has a tortured past and a love deprived childhood. So he has no idea how to love and he believed himself incapable of falling in love. One snowstorm night while he had craved complete isolation his secretary, Emma Gray arrived just to deliver an important file. What she had not counted on was that she could not leave him alone in this condition and go.

Emma had subdued her feelings for her very attractive and gorgeous boss. But after that one night, could she go back to work again? Could she look at her boss in the same way ever again? Because that was the single most fantastic and erotic night of her entire life!

A NIGHT OF NO RETURN is a romance packed with intense emotion and sizzling sensuality. The relationship depicted between Emma and her siblings makes this a realistic story. And we get to revisit with Cristiano Ferrara and his family! Author Sarah Morgan's master story-telling makes the characters come alive on the pages and the reader is personally involved in their happiness and craves the resolution as deeply as they do. This is as much a story about recovering from past guilt and grief as the unquenchable desire between Emma and Lucas.


Reviewed by Maria

Long ago before I was a wife, mother, blogger and book reviewer, I was once a personal assistant.  So I read this romance novel with particular interest.  The Boss/PA relationship is interesting.  The PA depends on the boss for his/her livelihood and the boss depends on the PA to keep his/her office running smoothly.  How the relationship rolls depends on the male/female equation and age balance.  The relationship between my and my boss/es would have been, at its warmest, like father/daughter (or uncle/niece maybe) or even brother/sister.  Depending on the age and gender of the couple, it can even be mother and son.  This novel is about the  relationship was between two people who are both attractive, single, eligible and the right age for each other.

The circumstances were unusual. Emma, having dropped some important papers to her boss Lucas's house, finds her boss in a depressed mood, drinking himself into oblivion.  And she's snowed in and unable to leave.  She offers him a listening ear and one thing leads to another and the inevitable happens.  This puts their relationship on an entirely different footing now.  Are they lovers or employer/employee?  Both are professional in their approach to work and do not wish to be unethical.  They tell each other that the sexual encounter between them was a one off and will not affect their working relationship.  How long will this last?

How Emma and Lucas cross the line from their professional relationship to one of being lovers is the USP of the story.  I thought the writer handled the subject very well.  They are just two people who need each other and who had been through difficult times and are both capable of understanding each other. and giving each other what they need.

A worthwhile read,well written with a satisfying ending. 


Reviewed by TashNz

In A Night of No Return we meet Lucas, a successful architect who, due to reasons from his past, once a year locks himself away from the world essentially to drown his sorrows. His kind and caring PA Emma risks her safety one stormy snowy night to drive out to where Lucas hidden himself away to deliver very important documents that he's left at the office. These documents are required for his upcoming meeting with Christiano Ferrara from Once a Ferrara Wife. Emma and Lucas are snowed in and so begins their night of no return... The morning after Lucas deals with the aftermath of what happens by whisking Emma away with him to the beautiful setting of his business meeting with Christiano. Yes, Emma is required for work purposes but Lucas thinks it's better to keep her close while he figures out what happened the night before.

Emma wears her heart on her shoulder and is very open and honest and caring... the complete opposite of Lucas who internally fights with himself to admit what he's feeling for Emma... A Night of No Return is a romantic and easy satisfying read. The end comes too quickly.

I love interconnected stories and In A Night of No Return you will learn that Lucas is best friends with Christiano AND a hot Sheikh who you will meet in the future in A Woman In a Sheikh's World. A Night of No return introduces the reader to Sheikh Malik and a bright, bubbly and effervescent woman from his past who you will instantly love and admire for the strength she shows, especially as it's evident that it's Sheikh Malik who's broken her heat in the past. I cant begin to tell you how I'm chomping at the bit to read A Woman In a Sheikh's World because it's about my two favourite-ist scenario's ... a)reunited stories and b)hot Sheikhs and Sarah Morgan is just the best at her reunited stories.

Sarah Morgan is an autobuy for me, I love her stories and I believe this book will satisfy those who want to revisit the Ferrara's and those who love the tales Sarah can weave.