The Girl Nobody Wanted by Lynn Raye Harris

Reviewed by Desere

Mrs Harris has always been able to capture the imagination of readers with stories of heartfelt romance and passion.

In her latest release The Girl Nobody wanted she has once again proved to me as reader that she very richly deserves the praise she receives for her remarkable stories.

I felt true sorrow for the character Anna, embarrassed when her long time fiancée announces his marriage to someone new and not just a few days before the wedding no ladies ..on the eve of their wedding !

The character of the ex -fiancée  does not have a remarkable place in the story but it did bring about the escape Anna needs after being labelled as a jilted bride.Taking off on a private plane with utterly gorgeous hotel magnate Leo Jackson seems to be the answer to Anna's current problem.

At this point in the story it is where Mrs Harris starts waving her magic wand and the story turns into one of temptation,passion and two people letting go of their own inner turmoil,and finding an escape in each others arms.

Mrs Harris takes us on a journey of self discovery,love and showed me as reader that everyone is wanted,you just need to find the right person even if being stranded with a temping and feisty man is the answer.

Mrs Harris's characterization was perfect,the dialogue one of true emotion.And the backdrop was just stunning!

Mrs Harris has again proven she knows what readers want ,and knows how to deliver !

Well done Mrs Harris

5/5 star review