One Night, So Pregnant by Heidi Rice

One Night, So Pregnant! by Heidi Rice

Reviewed by Desere ~

Mrs Rice sizzling hot stories has for long been a favourite of mine. Her stories are always loaded with passion,intrigue and wonderful characters,not to mention exotic locations.

In One night,so pregnant her characters Nate and Tess are both strong and independent and each have their own unique manner in proving nothing stands in their way.For Nate he wants to be their for his unborn child and for the one woman that has left him feeling just a little more than hot under the collar.

For Tess she would prefer to just be left alone and be far away from Mr."makes my knees go weak with a mere look"  Graystone,and rather focus on her and the baby. That is if she can resist her irresistible sexual urges.

Now Mrs Rice has always been famous for taking characters such as Nate and Tess and bringing them together in spectacular fashion. And this time she has certainly more than outdone herself,the book had the fun and feisty dialogue that I have come to expect from Mrs Rice's books,rather very temping and delicious "drool" moments but also a strong underlining message for unexpected parents to be.And even a family secret !

Mrs Rice is also one of the writers than can write a sex scene so hot it will leave you more than just a little frazzled. Yes, ladies believe me burning up the pages does not quite cover just how hot,passionate and mind blowingly sensual this author can get when she brings her characters to life within the pages of her magical world of romance.

The backdrop was descriptive,the characters remarkably fun to get to know,and the little bit of sweetness shining through from behind the eyes of a once lost little boy,the perfect touch. In the end I was left with only one thought....

Mrs Rice has proved just why she is one of the number one best selling authors of our time.

Well done Mrs Rice,keep them coming !

5/5 star review