Newborn Baby For Christmas by Fiona Lowe

Reviewed by Desere ~

Falling for the mother of your child ALL OVER again is certainly something I have seen and heard of before. I have even read many a romances that starts with one night of blazing passion leading to a pregnancy and a forced marriage and then love follows. But with story it was almost more than just reversed love.

I have even heard of people asking for really outrageous Christmas presents but in this book it was ...and I thought I had heard it all.

The author tells the story of Georgie and Hamish, they have been best friends since university and have talked and shared ,you know how friendships goes ,but  Georgie asks Hamish for one heck of a favor and certainly the most  outrageous  of Christmas presents I have ever read about, but what follows is a story of a wonderful Christmas romance.

Georgie wants to have a baby and as we all know it takes two people to make one of those,Hamish is the bait ! He will give his best friend the one gift that will make her happy.
Now the fun starts! A few heartbeats later Hamish finds himself falling for the mother of his child and at the same time he discovers a family he never thought he would have. Somewhat really delicious and fun scenes follow,and I loved every minute !
This was a story of romance, sweet passion and a rather humorous situation …love behind the greatest gift of all during the most wonderful time of the year in one of the most unconventional manners ever.

The perfect holiday romance read !

5/5 star review 


Reviewed by Nas
 Newborn Baby for Christmas

NEWBORN BABY FOR CHRISTMAS by author Fiona Lowe is a Mills & Boon Medical series release for October 2012.

Dr Hamish Pettigrew and Dr Georgina Lambert have been friends forever. They were there for each other right through medical school and through each other’s happiness and heartbreaks.

So when Georgie felt her biological clock ticking, where would she go? She would, of course, depend upon her best friend to donate sperm for her to get pregnant! But Hamish doesn’t want to be a father, ever. Would he agree to Georgie’s request?

Georgie wants a baby but she doesn’t really want a man, does she? So this is an ideal arrangement for her. Once pregnant, she doesn’t let Hamish know as he had stipulated that he didn’t want to know. When he sees her in all her pregnancy glamour, Hamish forgets he doesn’t want anything to do with Georgie’s pregnancy and wants her instead!

After seeing her pregnant and giving in to the attraction between them, Hamish realizes he had always loved Georgie, would she believe him? Does he really love her or is he saying that just for the baby?

NEWBORN BABY FOR CHRISTMAS is a sensual, passionate friends- to- lovers romance. We know Hamish loves Georgie, yet he doesn’t realize it because he feels himself incapable of experiencing love or to commit.

Fiona Lowe has delivered a tortured hero, who doesn’t believe in love and a strong feisty heroine, who demands nothing less. The hero, Hamish’s character growth shown is extraordinary. He is unlikeable at first but then he grows through the story and you end up liking then falling in love with him! Georgie and Hamish’s romance amid all the medical drama is a hugely enjoyable tale medical readers will find absolutely impossible to resist.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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Reviewed by Maria

This has to be the most original name for a hero I've ever read.  Hamish Pettigrew?  Surprisingly, it works.

Hamish and Georgina were BFF.  He wanted to date all the babes in the universe while she was on the lookout for Mr. Right, two kids, a semi-detached house and a white picket fence.  In her middle years, with her biological clock ticking away, her parents having passed on, she felt the need to have someone of her own.  She wanted to have a child, but she wanted to know the child's background.  So who would she ask for a sperm donation only her BFF?  Which was fine up to a point.  When he meets his BFF later, she was all lush and gorgeous and full of pregnant feminity.  Suddenly, inexplicably, he's attracted.

The pregnancy has affected her libido too.  She wants him, dammit, she wants him!  And not just as a friend.  So what next?

Well, you'd have to read this extremely enjoyable medical romance to find out.  Which isn't at all a bad prospect.  

My verdict?  Excellent.