Sex & The Stand In by Louise Cusack

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Sex & The Stand In (Hapless Heros)
Reviewed by Desere ~

We have all at one point been there at school,university or work,where there is this one person who are completely in love with but that person does not see it or even if they do they have something preventing them from falling right back in love with you.

In the case of poor Justin it is a little more complicated then that. Yes he is hopelessly in love with his co-worker Marianne and yes she has a little something that bugs her about him.

He thinks that the main reason is him being younger than her but in actual fact is because she thinks he is GAY !

Now that makes for more than just a little bit of a embarrassment I would say. And yet the author takes that little tit bit and runs with it straight into a story of how a man will do anything to get the woman he wants no matter how silly or off it seems to the rest of the world.

I adored every single bit of this fun and romantic comedy! Love in the most unexpected places with a heck of a twist!

4/5 star review

Reviewed by Nas

SEX & THE STAND IN by author Louise Cusack is a Flirt Press release for September 2012. It is part of a Hapless Heros series.

Justin loved his colleague Marrianne yet for her, he was the best friend and she was under the misconception that he was gay! He would do anything to get the woman he loved.

And he is a bit younger than her. But love has no boundaries and Justin's love also knew or recognised any boundaries.

SEX & THE STAND IN has all the ingredients of a fun romantic TV series! You could actually visualise while reading. Author Louise Cusack brings unexpected twists to this tale. The premise is exciting and the story keeps you captivated. Highly recommended for readers who love to escape the mundane for a few hours!

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Reviewed by Maria

A short  read from the versatile  Louise Cusack.  All the qualities one can expect from this talented writer.  A quirky romance, a hapless hero, an irresistible premise (he loves her but she thinks he's gay!).  Not to mention snappy dialogue and memorable characters.

A must read for fans of this writer, who never fails to surprise and delight.

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