The Dangerous Jacob Wilde by Sandra Marton

Reviewed by Desere ~
Mrs Marton has always created these fascinating and powerful families and each brother and sister have their own story which is one of my favourite reading addictions.It lets you get to know the family and in the final book it always feels like it just all comes together.

The Dangerous Jacob WildeThis time we meet The Wilde family. And my oh my what a family it is,Jacob is up first and he is not only dangerous but absolutely drop dead gorgeous ! The author perfectly describes the man as a walking sex machine,and he is shameless about each and every one of his "scandals" !

Mrs Marton has once again packed together a passionate,emotional and romantic read for her fans and I could not stop reading..really I finished it in three hours flat !

And I cannot wait for the next instalment...Sandra you need to put me out of my misery and get to writing the next part please !

5/5 star review 


Reviewed by Nas

 THE DANGEROUS JACOB WILDE by USA Bestselling Author Sandra Marton is a November 2012 release by Harlequin Presents and it’s Book one of miniseries The Wilde Brothers.

Jacob Wilde returned a wounded hero from Afghanistan. But he was a tortured and reluctant hero. He had lost some men and it had destroyed him. He flew the Blackhawk and was shot at by the enemies. He wore eye patch as he had come back minus an eye. But these were only exterior wounds; the wound he carried inside was much, much more.

Coming to visit his family’s ranch in Texas, he met the new next door ranch owner Addison McDowell. And felt the first stirring of desire after a very long time. But could he open up his frozen and tortured heart to Addison?

Addison was wary of everybody and very conscious of her reputation. But she also felt the attraction between Jake and herself. What would she do? Would she let her reputation and life be trashed by having a wild fling with Jake? After all she did know that Jake was incapable of loving her back.

THE DANGEROUS JACOB WILDE is truly a thrilling story and a must for your keeper shelf. It was a fast paced, moving, uplifting and feel good romance. Packed with witty dialogue, intense emotion and sizzling love scenes.  A poignant story about letting go of the past and seizing the day.  I eagerly await the next book in The Wilde Brother series.
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Reviewed by Maria

The Dangerous Jacob Wilde (Harlequin Presents)
Harlequin Presents December 2012 - Bundle 1 of 2: Back in the Headlines\Playing the Royal Game\The Dangerous Jacob Wilde (Scandal in the Spotlight)
The The Dangerous Jacob Wilde (Wilde Brothers)
The Dangerous Jacob Wilde (Mills & Boon Modern) (The Wilde Brothers - Book 1)
Mills & Boon : The Dangerous Jacob Wilde

An alpha male and an alpha female.  Jacob and Addison.  They're struck by each other on their first meeting and things go completely wrong.  She reads him as an arrogant jerk and he reads her as a calculating woman who slept her way into property.  With a start like that, things can only get better and before long, their revulsion turned to passion.

But Jacob is an Afghanistan veteran, wounded inside and out.  Memories of lost comrades on the battlefield won't leave him alone.  When his comrades died in war, does he deserve to be happy?  Will he allow himself to be?  For Addison, this is one gamble that hasn't paid off.  The child of a widowed mother who lived in a trailer park, she worked hard to gain a respectable profession with  the help of a loved mentor, who is now deceased.  Has she been cruelly deserted?

A passionate contemporary romance with an unforgettable hero, which takes place in the Texas ranchlands. Since I was a big fan of  'Dallas' in the seventies, I enjoyed this novel all the more.
Review by TashNz

Jacob has returned from war, scarred on the inside and outside. It's odd reading about a scarred hero but you get used to it. He visits his family ranch and meets Addison, the neighbouring ranch's owner. There's fireworks between the two and they quickly begin an intense relationship which they both kind of use to help heal past wounds. It's all too much for Jacob and he takes off, leaving Addison to believe she was a good-time, not a long-time to Jacob. Addison packs up and moves back to the city... I'll leave the rest for you to find out what happens...

The Dangerous Jacob Wilde is a fastpaced intense story which helps to lay the foundations for the Wilde Brothers Mini Series. During the story you meet Caleb, who is the hero for Book 2, The Ruthless Caleb Wilde.

I'd recommend this book to for you to start the series off and to meet the Wilde Family and learn about what makes them tick.