Marriage & The Mermaid by Louise Cusack

Reviewed by Desere ~   Marriage & the Mermaid (Hapless Heroes)

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A short little note on what this book is all about before we get to the review.

Balthazar Wilson wants nothing more than to be married with children, but he can’t seem to find Miss Right. His wealthy father’s eccentric behavior looks frighteningly like dementia, a blonde with no past washes up on their isolated beach looking for sex, the new cleaning lady is a kleptomaniac, an Internet scammer turns up with a gun to steal Baz’s inheritance, and a local cop thinks the blonde is a killer mermaid. 

When Baz's ex-colleague Wynne Malone arrives to charm him, Baz isn't sure if he wants to kiss her or have a mental breakdown!

Now if that little tit bit does not grab your attention you have to either be a really dull person or you hate reading! 

This was fun and great new read for me, I liked the fun and geeky character Baz ,all the poor man wanted was a woman to love and be happy with,much like most people are searching for ...Mr or Mrs Right.

The author made the story fun,sweet and filled with a large dose of romance and laughter. I laughed so hard at the absolutely hilarious situations that the "geek" finds himself practically trapped in that I had to stop reading just to bring my laughter under control !I totally adored the setting in Queensland,it just felt perfect for this fun and funky read.

And the added bonus was so memorable that this one will indeed stay with me for a long time !

5/5 star review

Reviewed by Nas
Marriage & the Mermaid (Hapless Heroes)

MARRIAGE & THE MERMAID by author Louise Cusack is a September 2012 release by Flirt Press.

Balthazar Wilson came home to look after his senile father. He came across a naked girl washed up on the beach, who immediately upon regaining conscious demanded that he have sex with her to make her pregnant.

Baz was astounded by her demand. Yet he took her home and pretended to his father as well as the authorities that she was their new housekeeper. Who is she? Is she a mermaid or some other sea creature?

Then Baz's colleague, who has the hots for him arrived. Now he had to keep his dad away from the mystery girl as well as his colleague. Bedlam ensues.

MARRIAGE & THE MERMAID is a fast paced, fun story. Get it, you will not regret it for the entertainment value alone!


Reviewed by Maria

Baz Wilson is a hapless hero all right.  Even his problems have problems.  His marriage ended in divorce. He still can't get past his mum's tragic death twenty years earlier and his half mad father is about to sign away his inheritance to a conman.  Then a strange looking young woman is washed up on the beach alongside a shark/drowning victim.  She's playing with her female parts as if they were a new toy and asks Baz if he'd mind having sex with her and making a baby.  No wonder the poor man is bewildered.  The 'mermaid', christened 'Venus' for convenience, has no concept of modesty nor propriety.  She's even coming on to women if she finds them attractive.  Then the police suspect her in a murder case, because of circumstancial 'fin' evidence.

Meanwhile, Wynne, the woman who fancies Baz at work turns up to stay for a couple of days.  The conman approaches to seal the slimy deal.  The cleaning lady sends in her light fingered niece to take her place for a day. There's also a couple of nosy policemen and a scientist who is excited about having discovered a new race of mutants. Result?  One heck of a house party!!!!

Louise Cusack has boldly gone where no romance writer ever has gone before.  The book starts with one hero and ends with another.  And it's okay.  But the real surprise is Venus' real identity.

This writer's forte has been writing fantasy, but she's firmly grounded.  Her underworld characters sent a shiver up my spine.  Her descriptive powers are amazing.  I could see that mermaid!  A genre spinning work in so many ways.  Highly recommended.


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