Surrendering All But Her Heart by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Desere

Surrendering all but her heart is the latest masterpiece of the perfect lovers reunited romance entwined with passion,intrigue and above all a scandalous secret.

Mrs Milburne has for years entertained readers with stories filled with extreme passion,true love and stories that border so close on real life situations that I have always been able to get completely lost and entranced and be left with the old saying ...that could definitely happen.

In Surrendering all but her heart she has gone even further than I have seen in her other novels. Yes,again she added her trademark tension between her characters Angelo and Natalie that gave the book it's feistyness. And once again I was more than just a little connected to them both,but this time Mrs Milburne surpassed all the expectations I as reader have set.

She took the old tale of lovers reunited to a whole new level,by not only writing a beautiful love story but by giving it such raw emotion it had me reaching for the tissues in no time ( seriously ladies by chapter three already) and this time I really cried my heart out and afterwards I  had to take a deep breath to be able to come out of the magical world of romance she created and back to reality.

Mrs Milburne is famous for her passionate and hot sex scenes,I have only been able to find one other author that has been able to reach the level of passion in sex scenes such as Mrs Milburne does,but this time around Mrs Milburne did so much more,she added a higher and deeper level of understanding,compassion and sensuality to her scenes to the extent that it was if I was experiencing Angelo's every touch and hearing his every unspoken word.

Then last but certainly not least Mrs Milburne is famous for her more than perfect endings,this time around yes she did create the perfect ending we as readers all love,but on such a realistic level it left me with the perfect feeling of warmth,love and happiness and the believe that behind the most explosive of relationships lies the hearts of two people who share that once in a lifetime love that will never die.

Well done Mrs Milburne you have once again proved why your books are best sellers worldwide.

5/5 star review


Reviewed by Nas

Harlequin Presents December 2012 - Bundle 2 of 2: A Royal World Apart\Woman in a Sheikh's World\Surrendering All But Her Heart
Surrendering All But Her Heart (Harlequin Presents)
Harlequin Presents December 2012 - Bundle 2 of 2: A Royal World Apart\Woman in a Sheikh's World\Surrendering All But Her Heart
Surrendering All But Her Heart (Harlequin Presents)

SURRENDERING ALL BUT HER HEART by USA Bestselling Author Melanie Milburne is a Harlequin Presents release for November 2012.

Natalie Armitage had walked away from her very passionate affair with Angelo Belladini when she had sensed him getting too serious about her. At twenty one, she was not read to commit to marriage.

Now Angelo was back and he was after marriage again, but this time around he was hell bent on revenge!

Natalie had to accept for her family but would he be able to thaw her frozen heart? Though Angelo may have blackmailed her into marrying him, would she be a submissive wife?

After all she had an explosive secret from which she had been running away all her life. Would Angelo still look at her with love in his eyes when he learns her secret?

SURRENDERING ALL BUT HER HEART is a steamy tale which sparkles with plenty of sizzle, sensuality, emotion, passion and romance. A gripping story of second chances, past secrets and unquenchable desires.

Another winner from a fabulous writer, Melanie Milburne, whose name alone is a sure fire guarantee of high quality romantic fiction!

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Review by TashNz

Damaged Natalie walked away from Angelo five years ago and didnt look back until she was forced back into his life as a result of her wayward brother's actions. And so begins such a heartfelt and emotionally charged story that my heart almost broke for Natalie and the secret pain and guilt she was carrying that was figuratively squashing her.

Angelo jumps at the chance that fate has bought Natalie back to him and wastes no time promising her  that if she doesn't want her little brother to see the inside of a prison cell, she needs to comply with his demands which includes marriage in the full sense of the word.  Willing to do anything for her little brother Natalie reluctantly enters back into Angelo's life.  Very soon our passionate and stubborn Italian hero admits to himself he never stopped loving Natalie. He drops his guard and is determined to chip away at Natalie's heart to find out why it's so frozen which in turn leaves him open for a broken heart but he's willing to take the chance.

I loved Natalie.  Even tho she held onto such a burden that almost broke her, she had strength of character and stood up to Angelo with wit and sass. She is funny and passionate and fiercely loyal. 

I'm a huge fan of the passionate and heart-tugging stories Melanie Milburne weaves.  If you like gripping, emotionally charged and heart wrenching love stories, I highly recommend SABHH for you.

4 Stars

Reviewed by Maria

This is one of the darkest romances I've read in this imprint.  The heroine's demons are truly alarming, if understandable.  I liked the redemption in the story and the message that love has healing qualities.

The love scenes were wild and sometimes really shocking.  There seems to be an absence of tenderness and even if it wasn't exactly the specialize in pain type of sex as such, there was this type of need to inflict pain on the partner that I found ever so slightly disturbing.  The love and tender scenes were more reserved for the heroine's new pet than for the hero.

The characters were so well written that I could see them.  The dialogue was interesting, the hero quite up to the mark.  Melanie Milburne is an accomplished writer and delivered the goods as usual. 

This is one novel that made me sit up and take notice.