St. Piran's: Daredevil, Doctor...DAD! by Anne Fraser

Reviewed by Nas

St Piran's: Daredevil, Doctor...Dad! (Mills & Boon Medical)
Mills & Boon : St Piran's: Daredevil, Doctor...Dad!
St Piran's: Daredevil, Doctor...Dad! (Mills & Boon Medical)
Mills & Boon : St Piran's: Daredevil, Doctor...Dad!

ST. PIRAN'S: DAREDEVIL, DOCTOR...DAD! by author Anne Fraser is a Harlequin Medical series release for November 2012.

Abby Stevens is a single mum to eleven year old child. Man usually ran a mile after finding that her priority is always her daughter. So when she moves to picturesque Penhally Bay and starts work as a paramedic, she doesn't expect to fall in love. And with her daughters dad at that!

What would happen when she tells Mac that he is her daughter's dad? Would Mac accept her word for it?

Accepting his daughter meant he was just fulfilling his obligations. But saving his daughter from a dangerous situation made him realize he loved her. She was no longer his duty but part of his life. And he wanted Abby in his life too. But would Abby accept that Mac loved her for herself or as Emma's mum only?

ST. PIRAN'S: DAREDEVIL, DOCTOR...DAD! Is a delightfully fast-paced and feel-good romance that sparkles with mesmerizing emotion and intense passion. I found Mac to be a realistic, flawed yet resilient hero and Abby was a strong heroine I absolutely adored. Anne Fraser is a terrific medical romance writer who creates likeable characters, readers are sure to take to their hearts.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars!


Reviewed by Desere

Anne Fraser has always managed to capture my imagination and at the end of each of her books I get that warm, fuzzy feeling of love is all around us and this time it happened again!

The tale of old love reunited for the sake of a child and also a love that would never fade was remarkable. The author was a wonderful feel -good romance that just made me fall in love with each scene . 

Mac was a delightfully refreshing real-life hero that captured my heart. The manner if which the author brought Mac and Abby back together was fun,and oh so inspiring.

If your feeling a little low this is the book that will cheer you up in a heartbeat !

4 star review


Reviewed by Maria

Mac is an adrenaline junkie.  To earn his bread and butter he goes out on rescue operations to provide medical care to people who have fallen off cliffs and horses and who are in need of immediate surgical intervention.  A dedicated doctor, he springs into action and remains courageous in the face of daunting emergencies.  For relaxation, he likes wind surfing and mountain biking.  

But  now Mac is about to embark on the greatest adventure of all.  The arrival of paramedic Abby Stevens on his emergency team changes his life forever.  Abby is the sister of his former lover, Sara, with a young niece to whom Sara, now deceased,  had given birth approximately  nine months after her passionate affair with Mac had ended.  Catapulted into sudden, unexpected fatherhood, will Mac be able to take up the challenge?   And what about the challenge of winning Abby's heart?  Is Mac up for that too?

A story of how a child can bring two people together and about what exactly makes a true parent - biology or destiny.  And how it's never too late to start again.  Some heart stopping thrills, especially during the description of rescue operations.  All you expect in a medical romance and more.


Reviewed by TashNz

This is the first medical I have read in a long time and I wasnt disappointed.  

Mac is a Dr who assists the air ambulance service.  He certainly is a daredevil; extreme sports is his thing, as well as the fast lane with all the ladies.  Abby is a paramedic for the air ambulance service and they are thrown together in their first job together and then in their private life when Abby realises Mac is her neices long lost father. There is also a side story which had me turning the pages just as quickly to find out what happens there...

This story is fast paced, full of action and adventure which is described so clearly I was at each and every crash site with them.  This story is warm hearted and sweet and a page turner! I couldnt wait to see what each and every outcome was going to be, from all the people they rescued to how Mac was going to handle Abby's news.  I will also bee looking out for the side story.

If you're looking for a light hearted sweet story which is also full of action and adventure this is the one for you!

4 stars