Hers for the Holidays by Samantha Hunter


Reviewed by Desere:

This was book two of the Berringers Series and WOW !

Samantha Hunter created some really hot characters.  And the pages were really heating up around every corner
so hot that I actually expected the pages to catch fire any minute.

I loved how the author used the "previously we had something " element and took it to a whole new level of deliciously spicy romance.

Hunter used some really clever characterization and fabulous prose to make the story and characters jump to life, and more than once had me feeling that I wish I could be Lydia being protected by a sexy a sin bodyguard.

Yes no jokes ladies this hero was the perfect combination of sex on legs and leaves one heck of a punch in the end kind of man.

I adored the holiday theme and in the end I was a very unhappy person when I returned to real life and had to face facts ... .it's not quite the holidays yet.

But aside from that little personal moment of sadness the book was brilliant and a truly emotional read.

Well done Sam !  I look forward to book three.

5/5 star review

Review by TashNz

Book 2 in the Berringer Bodyguards series.

Ely is an ex Marine and his sister in law asks for help because her friend Lydia is missing.  Ely is a bit hesitant because they had a one night stand but being a good family man goes on a mission and tracks down Lydia.  Lydia has returned to her hometown to clear out her Mum's ranch. Her Mum has passed away. Lydia has no plans in staying; she wants to make a quick visit and leave unnoticed.

Ely finds Lydia quite easily but unknowingly walks into a town full of secrets, intrigue and mysterious goings on... ie, who is poisoning the Ranch's cows? Who's breaking into the Ranch? Who stops the water?  Ely wont leave until he discovers who is after Lydia and why.

Once Ely and Lydia stop fighting their feeling the pages are on FIRE! Blaze-ing (yes pun intended) with heat!!!

Great story. I didnt pick the suspect, unlike I did straight off in the first story (I only picked the right person in the first story because I work in insurance)...

Totally recommended and I just love the Epilogues because they set the scene for the next book... as soon as I finish writing this I'm starting on His Kind of Trouble... book 3...  cant wait!!!

Review by Nas

Hers for the Holidays (Harlequin Blaze)

HERS FOR THE HOLIDAYS by author Samantha Hunter is Harlequin blaze release for November 2012. Hers For The Holidays is from the miniseries of The Berringer Bodyguard.

Ely Berringer went looking for his sister in law's best friend Lydia, when she suddenly disappeared. What he found was that she lied to them all when she told them she was all alone. She had a family, from which she had run away. But why had she run away from her family home in the first place?

Lydia was back at her family home after a very long absence. But someone still didn't want her in this small town. Someone was trying to scare her into running away again. What was Lydia's secret that she was dangerous to people? And now someone was shooting at Lydia.

Ely was determined to get to the bottom of the matter. Was it just because he felt responsible for Lydia or was it something more? After all they couldn't ignore the chemistry and attraction they felt for each other.

HERS FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a thrilling, sensual story. The sensuality plays around the dark edges. It is also intensely emotional. The danger and thrill of the story adds to the page turning quality of the book. Author Samantha Hunter's Berringer Bodyguard's turned out to be a thrilling series. Looking forward eagerly for the next book in this series.

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