Exquisite Revenge by Abby Green


Reviewed by Desere

Abby Green has always and I mean always simply amazed me with her fabulous books,so I always know I am in for a good read,but this time she surpassed it all !

I was hooked from the opening page and could not stop reading (seriously ladies I cancelled all my plans and  appointments for the day when I got to chapter 3)as I knew there was no way I could stop reading this absolutely stunning book ,I had to keep going !

The book had that wonderful Abby Green charm with strong and vivid characters,a delicious backdrop setting and just from the cover alone you will agree with me that it just oozes perfection!

The blazing hot passion (I can tell you that the author seriously upped her sex scenes this time around) and fabulous emotions between the characters left me simply amazed at how much emotion the author packed into this one.

The dialogue was spicy and simply delicious !

And in the end there was such a unexpected twist of events that it just blew me away. The author also gave a new meaning to the word revenge ... it does not always go according to plan and it holds so many possibilities especially those that you do not see coming,and that a author like Abby Green can make it all seem very,very real!

Brilliant Abby ,keep them coming your fans need more  !

5/5 star review
Review by TashNz

6 Stars!

Amazing plot! Original Plot.... I hadnt even finished and I want to write a review.  6 Stars!  Jesse is the bravest little thing I've ever come across.  I couldnt wait to see how everything pans out and I LOVE the pinterest board for this story xx


Definite must-have story! It's really funny because it's like with every Abby Green new-release I think to myself that's my favoritest ever! Exquisite Revenge tops the charts! I'm not sure anything will remove it :D

Original! Dramatic! Heatbreaking! Heartwrenching! Breathtaking! Enchanting! Passionate! And yes, Exquisite!

I have been looking forward to Exquisite Revenge for a long time because I was really moved by a picture on Abby Green's Pinterest board for Exquisite Revenge.  It's of Luc holding Jesse in the shower. It was really emotive to me and I found the scene in the book was just as emotive.

Jesse kidnaps Luc for reasons he completely misunderstands because Jesse lets him misunderstand her reasons and from there I was thrown onto a roller-coaster of a ride that I didnt want to hop off.

Do not read this book if you're going to be uninterrupted, you'll crave to finish it.

I loved the ending, what a fantastic little twist.

The Pinterest board is a fantastic pictorial of the story.  If you weren't aware of them I urge you to pay a visit now... it will help tie you over until Abby Green's next release :)