Christmas Confidential by Linda Conrad and Marilyn Pappano

:Christmas Confidential: Holiday Protector\A Chance Reunion by Marilyn Pappano & Linda Conrad

Reviewed by Desere

Two fast paced,action packed stories of romance ! I totally adored this book from two really brilliant authors.

In the first book Holiday Protector we meet Dean and Miri he put her in jail but now he is the one protecting her from harm ! Trust me ladies this one was just as fabulous as it sounds. Marilyn Pappano delivered a story with action,passion and mystery all in one. And I could not get enough of her stunning character Dean,definitely the kind of man I want around when trouble comes knocking.

In the second book we meet Gage and Elana two people that are so meant to be but certain circumstances  have prevented Elana from sticking around long enough in Gage's life and he in turn has been grieving her death for the past five years until he finds her again and so the action starts ! Linda Conrad delivered around every corner with the perfect story of romance and true love never dies no matter what it needs to face.

This was the perfect holiday with a punch book . Loads of action and romance both stories brilliantly written by authors who know how to grab your attention and give you that warm hearted feeling at the end.

Well done to you both !

5/5 star review

I was provided a copy of the book by author Linda Conrad in exchange for a honest review