Web Of Lies by Laura O'Connell

Reviewed by Desere:

Web of lies was one of those books that completely captured my attention from the start go! I loved how the author brought her characters back together and I completely adored how she page by page let the lies, deceit and secrets unfold to us the readers.

The book have a fabulous backdrop,and amazingly inspiring characters that will stay with me for a long time. I did however feel really sad for the character of Ryan,he is the innocent in this whole "mess" and had no choice but to just go with it.

The author loaded the book with such a extreme amount of true heartfelt emotion that it was just a simply unforgettable read and definitely one for the keepers shelf.

The author once again proved to me that she makes sure to give us a valuable and re-memorable lesson from her books,which I totally love !

Well done Laura ! Keep them coming !

5/5 star review


Review by Nas
WEB OF LIES by author Laura O'Connell is a December 2012 release.

Highschool sweethearts Lachlan and Stephanie are separated and Lachlan is forced to go to US from Australia with his parents.

He promised Stephanie he would be back for her when he found out that she was pregnant. But he gets in an accident and is in coma for more than a year.

When he awakes, he is told that Stephanie lost her baby and for him to concentrate on his rehabilitation and education.

Years later he uncovers the secret by chance that his son is alive and was given up on his birth.

He comes back to Australia to find Stephanie. But she can't be the same person he left ten years ago, can she? Could they pick up where they left off? And the biggest mystery of all is, where would their son Ryan live?

Could they take him away from the only mum he knows?

WEB OF LIES is a poignant tale of second chances. It is an engrossing and enthralling read. This book would keep you turning pages late into the night with it's captivating blend of drama, intrigue and romance. You could feel the emotions coming off the pages. Laura O'Connell is a master story-teller. Her stories are filled with emotion and heart-tugging pathos.
Review by TashNz

Web of Lies is an emotional roller coaster of a story which follows the lives of a family when the first secret is discovered. Yes, I did say first, there are more secrets and lies to follow…

Lachlan and Stephanie are high school sweethearts. Tragic events lead to Lachlan believing Stephanie miscarried. Their son Ryan, however, is very much alive and living with Lachlan’s sister. To make matters worse Ryan believes Lachlan’s sister is his Mother.

All this is discovered in the action packed first chapter and from there you follow quickly the path that truly is a web of lies Lachlan and Stephanie’s family have spun over the years.

All the characters are likeable and you grow with them as they themselves grow. Your heart tugs as you read from everyone’s perspective about how the revelations are going to affect many lives. You turn each page with baited breath as to which way the story will
end because you really do learn to see it from both sides’ points of view.

We of Lies is a truly sobering read because in all reality this story could actually happen, that’s how realistic it is.

This is the second book I have read by Laura O’Connell (the first being African Heart) and I can definitely say although both stories are as different as chalk and cheese both are beautifully written, full of description and I will definitely read future books by Laura.

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