Second Chance Grill by Christine Nolfi

 :Second Chance Grill

Reviewed by Desere:

The book centred around Dr Mary Chance who needs a break from her everyday medicine life to grieve for her lost friend. So yes there is your tear jerking moment.

Mary inherits a restaurant and here is where she meets a pre-teen who along with her father turns Mary's life upside down. And in that is your oh boy here is comes moment.

Mary is not prepared for the feelings and emotions that follow in the wake of meeting two people she never thought would cross her path. Now I am sure you will agree that we all like that little bit of excitement with a punch in stories and so far it might not seem like the book will offer this up,yet I was pleasantly surprised as the author took all the vital elements and brought it together for me.

The author incorporated some elements of romance into the book but also used enough vivid descriptions with her characters and the back drop setting of a small town to make the book worth while,to make up for the lack of true passion I prefer for a novel.

The book had the perfect heart warming impact for those who love a story of romance and new friendship in a small town.

I look forward to book two of the series.

4/5 star review