The Italian Inheritance by Louise Rose-Innes

The Italian Inheritance

Reviewed by Desere

I have always loved a good secret identity book. We meet Anna who was certainly one of the most realistic characters I have read about in a long time.

She finds a letter pertaining to the identity of her father and this brings her to the Italian Island of Capri , which is the perfect setting for romance and the author used it to her advantage perfectly.

Anna not only discovers that she is the heir to vast family fortune but she also discovers that proving it to the very sexy as sin and arrogant lawyer Rafael who has had more than enough of a sting of woman bursting through is offices doors claiming they are the heir to the Albertosi fortune,is easier said than done.

And there is no reason for him to believe that delightful and very temping Anna is the one. And so unfolded the story of a lifetime, the author loaded the book with emotion so strong that I could feel the loss and despair poor Anna has to face and the challenge of proving she is who she says.

The character of Rafael was so delicious that I could not get enough,the perfect Italian hero,all though he infuriated me at one stage that I actually thought if I were Anna I would slap the man silly,which just goes to show the author did a excellent job at casting her character as the perfect match for Anna .

The book does have some little minor editing that needs to be done but nothing too major and nothing to serious that it effected the book to the point where it did not make sense.

I loved the mild,sweet and enduring passion. It is a very easy read and perfect for a rainy day when you need a just that little bit of romance.

4/5 stars