The Good Woman by Jane Porter

The Good Woman

Reviewed by Desere

I have always been a major fan of Jane Porter as I find her writing style simply beautiful and she is always able to transform any story into a memorable and powerful read.

In The Good Woman I met the character of Meg Brennan on the surface she has it all,she has a successful career,wonderful children and a loving husband. Her live has become what could be referred to as "normal" as she just goes from day to day handling everything that goes along with being a faithful wife and mother,yet she feels run down and tired with it all,and she and her husband has drifted into a comfort zone where they love and respect each other but the passion has gone out of the relationship.

So when she comes face to face with her sexy as sin and very temping boss telling her that he has for a long time harboured feelings for her she is at a loss.She has the choice to carry on with her life as the normal plain wife and mother always doing the right thing Meg or be daring and reckless for once in her life.

And so the story unfolds and Jane Porter takes us as readers behind the scenes of choices in life that when made can deliver a hard blow in the end or decide our fate and show us the way to where we really need to be, or even get back to where we are meant to be,and also just how hard a mid life crisis can be to handle.

The author packed so much vivid and true emotion into her book that I found myself crying my heart out for Meg and the difficulties she faces,and the tears Meg sheds along the way gave me a very clear mental image of just how strained and stressed out Meg is.

The book was truly compelling and I read it in one sitting. Without spoiling the book for other readers all I am going to add is ,if you love reading about true life situations and the series of events that follow this is the book and the author for you.

The author truly delivers the message that she knows all about love and life after the happy ending wedding and she has again proved why she can write her way into the heart of readers. Her unique writing style simply just adds to powerful punch a Jane Porter book will give you. 

I look forward to the next book The Good Daughter.

Excellent work Jane please do keep them coming !

5/5 star review 

Romantic life altering drama at it's absolute best.

Reviewed by Nas

The Good Woman

THE GOOD WOMAN by author Jane Porter is a Berkley release for September 2012.

Meg Roberts, despite being successful just falls in the rut of normal live. A life without passion. Then she learns that her gorgeous boss, Chad Hallahan has secretly desired her from far and has the hots for her.

What will Meg do now? Will she move out from her comfort zone and embrace a secret but passionate liason?

How will Meg make these choices? She's always been the good daughter, mother and wife.

THE GOOD WOMAN is an astounding eye-opener of the real life situations and choices faced by so many woman. Meg is a strong character, and the story has good dialogue with tender and sweet moments.  Author Jane Porter latest offering will keep you turning pages late into the night with it's captivating blend of drama, passion, intrigue and romance.

Well worth reading and Highly recommended!

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Reviewed by Maria

This is a powerful piece of women's fiction which put me in mind of THE WOMEN'S ROOM by Marilyn French which I read some thirty years ago.  This is, in a way, THE WOMEN'S ROOM of the post feminist era.  Women are allegedly equal and can now have it all.  The problem is that playing multiple roles can cost you dearly.  You want and need to be fulfilled in the career arena as well as the home arena, unlike our sisters of yesteryear, who 'just' had to be perfect housewives.  The trouble is, it must not be at the cost of hour home life, which must run to perfection.  Men generally don't face the kind of challenges that women do.  Meg, the central character, has suddenly had a revelation that she cannot go on being perfect forever.  Devoting herself to being the perfect working wife has cost her the loving and passionate relationship which she longs for with her spouse.  Now she has a choice. Does she follow her instincts and take love where she has found it, passionate fulfilling love with sex to match, or does she continue forever in the role of the good woman?

Written with beautiful clarity by romance novelist Jane Porter, this is the novel which will keep you reading long after you should have turned off the bedside lamp.  Jane has proved that as well as writing feelgood, escapist fiction, she can do serious fiction too.  That really is the job of the writer, isn't it?  To chronicle the angst and dilemma of an era.  Highly recommended and praiseworthy writing.