Woman In A Sheikh's World by Sarah Morgan


Reviewed by Desere :

Avery Scott is one of the worlds best wedding planners and has a client list hotter than the Sahara desert. Only this time around she is not planning the wedding of a mere client,but the wedding of the man that once made her melt into a puddle by a mere glance or touch.

Prince Malik has a honour and duty to uphold and marrying the one woman that sets his blood of fire will not do. The author did a wonderful job at pointing out the difficulties that can and sometimes will pull those from the ones we love.

The character of Avery I did find enlightening as she is a go getter but at the same time I did get just slightly annoyed as she talks so very much and this some what casts doubt on the whole she is a cool level headed and has it all together go getter business woman,but this was not a major issue as when focussing on the relationship or lack of relationship between her and Prince Malik one realizes that the "relationship" is the cause for her loss of composure and the author creates more than enough emotion to draw ones attention from Avery and her talkative composure dropping mode.

The book had a good plot and it was very interesting to read about the build up and the do's and don't s that eventually bring the two characters back together with a explosive passion. Prince Malik's character was also very captive as he has so much on his shoulders to bare and true love is not always in the cards for a ruler of any country.

Well done Sarah

4/5 star review

Captive and passionate


Review by Nas

A Woman in A Sheikh's World

 WOMAN IN A SHEIKH’S WORLD by author Sarah Morgan is a Mills & Boon Modern and Harlequin Presents release for December 2012.

Avery Scott’s pride demanded that she not turn down the Crown Prince Malik of Zubran’s contract for events management even though she did not really want to manage his after wedding party. After all Zubran was the man whose touch in the past sent Avery soaring high. But she was a professional, wasn’t she? She could do this without going to pieces.

Then Zubran came to her with the shattering news that his intended bride had done a runner. Avery decides to help Zubran search for his bride in the desert.

Searching together, will they be able to ignore the chemistry between them which is just simmering below the surface? But why had Avery walked out on Zubran in the first place?

WOMAN IN A SHEIKH’S WORLD is a wonderfully poignant tale of second chances and quest for truth. Sarah Morgan brings this exceptional romance that will touch your heart and make you shed tears. Its mesmerizing sensuality and shimmering chemistry would make you read this romance in one sitting!  

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Review by TashNz

I adore Sarah Morgan's 2nd chance stories and I was so excited to read Woman in a Sheikh's World after the introduction of Avery and Mal in A Night of No Return.

We discover that Party Planner Avery is in charge of Crown Prince Malik's wedding... only problem is Avery and Mal are past lovers who went their separate ways but stubborn Avery is determined not to show Mal how he still affects her and agrees to take care of the party... But the icing hits the fan when Mal comes to Avery asking if she knows where his bride is... she's run away!  Both Avery and Mal embark on two day race thru the desert looking for Mal's missing bride before the kingdom of Zurban or worse still, the brides father, discovers she's missing.  The bride is not the only thing Avery and Mal discover.

I loved the story. Mal is one of the hottest sheikh's I've read about, stubborn as anything tho but he meets his match with Avery, the witty, brave and stubborn party planner. She certainly had a lot more grace than I could have in the same situation but we all know good things come to those who wait. The description of Zurban was magical and the desert scenes were hot!

For those of you who have a cold Christmas, I recommend this hot desert story for you to keep you warm :))