At His Majesty's Request by Maisey Yates


Reviewed by Desere

Maisey Yates always,always managed to blow me away with the most highly unlikely plots.  This time she did so again,and boy oh boy what a plot she dreamed up for us this time!

I was amazed to learn that a matchmaker could end up with a Prince but hey what girl would not want a Price,castle and a tiara to go with it right ?

Now as perfect as that set up sounds the Prince in question is no angel and he most definitely does not need the" not fit to be a Queen Jessica ",  yet she is the one that simply not only excites him but he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame and he cannot get enough, not the mention that the woman infuriates him beyond believe.

But for Jessica there are no dreams of tiara's ,castles and waking up to a gorgeous Prince every morning only insult to injury, Prince Drakon only wants one wild,crazy month with her and thereafter he will choose a woman worthy of being his Queen, ouch !

I loved how the author used that very hurtful yet passionate "scandal" and one month of scorching hot passion to bring together two seriously stunning characters.  Jessica stands her ground and our lovely Price well the man is so arrogant that I more than once got the urge to give him a good slap , but I totally loved them both!

The author loaded her book with true depth,emotion and some very fun and delightful dialogue .  Taking me as reader behind the glitz and the glam of royal life showing that not everything is always as it seems and a potential "scandal" can turn out to be the best thing to happen to a very stubborn Prince, that will bring his perfect house of royalty to a the ground !

Excellent work Maisey ! ~ Royally sinful !

5/5 star review

Review by Nas
At His Majesty's Request

AT HIS MAJESTY’S REQUEST by author Maisey Yates is Mills & Boon `Modern and Harlequin Presents release for January 2012.

Prince Stavros Drakos came to Jessica Carter to look for a bride. She was a world renowned matchmaker and well known matched couples to successful married lives. Would she be able to match Stavros with a suitable bride? Why was she feeling jealous of him meeting prospective brides?

There was simmering awareness between them and they had sparkling chemistry. But could they act on it? After all Jessica was not a prospective match, was she?

AT HIS MAJESTY’S REQUEST is a stunning romance set in the high society. It gave a glimpse in the lives of billionaires with their own private jets. It’s also a mesmerizing, emotional and sensual romance. Maisey Yates brought this sparkling tale of unexpected and chance encounters turning into red-hot passion. Well worth reading and highly recommended for all lovers of romance.
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Reviewed By TashNz

Jessica has been hired by Prince Stavros to find him a queen. As Prince Stavros ticks off his list of what's suitable Jessica meets none of the criteria but you know they say opposites attract and boy do opposites attract in Maisey Yate's beautiful tale At His Majesty's Request.

Prince Stavros believes if Jessica can see his world thru his eyes it will help her find him a suitable bride but the more time they spend together the more they wonder if although life has a path and a plan, does fate intervene?  Jessica has a history that automatically rules her out as a potential Queen but with each moment she spends with Prince Stavros she wonders what if... Prince Stavros has potential Queen's paraded before him but none of them are quite right... and he turns his eye to Jessica.

At His Majesty's Request is a warm and beautiful magically woven tale in which dreams do come true.  After all the pain that we sometimes have to endure, dreams do come true. After rejection and self recrimination dreams do come true. Loved it!