The Price of Success by Maya Blake


Reviewed by Desere

This book was thrillingly addictive from page one.  I loved the characters of Sasha , strong ,  independent, and on a mission to save her father's name.

The character of Marco was equally lovable he is the perfect hero any woman would want to save her only with the perfect amount of arrogance, that just, just makes you able to hate him a little, but I also felt sad for him as all he really wants in life is the keep his demons at bay and keep his brother save.

I have for years been a major fan of racing and I totally adore when it gets incorporated into a romance, and what a romance this was.  And the fact that Sasha gets to be the lead driver totally left me with a feeling of wonder as it was really stunning to see the tables turned as usually it is the male characters that are focused on as racing drivers and the woman stand in the shadows.

The author used speedy scandal, delicious secrets and the thrilling backdrop world of racing to create the perfect story filled with romance, passion so hot the pages were burning up, action, thrills and spills.

The author's dialogue left me laughing out load and the emotion packed behind this amazing story left me in tears at times.

I loved the book to distraction and I certainly look forward to more from this truly aspiring author.

5/5 star review

A passionate racing romance at it's best !
Review by TashNz

I would award 6 stars if I could!

The Price of Success “had me at hello”.  From the explosive beginning, thru to the gripping races around the world circuit to the emotions accelerating out of control, let me count the ways I loved this story.

Sasha is one of the few female race car drivers who’s fighting her way up the ladder in order to win her seat as the first driver for the team.  She's the daughter of a shamed legendary racer and family shame spurs her on to win the ultimate Challenge Cup in the memory of her Dad.  Enter Marco, the sinfully sexy owner of the racing syndicate Sasha drives for.  Due to Marco’s misguided belief Sasha belongs to his brother who is in a coma; he fights his attraction for her as he promotes her to first driver.  The story powers ahead and doesn't stop until you regretfully cross the finish line.

Sasha is such an amazing and inspirational character.  She is someone I would love to know. She is so witty! The dialogue between her and Marco is just fantastic! Sasha is one of the most remarkable heroines I have had the pleasure to read about. She has a fantastic job and is striving for success in a male dominated world. She holds her own and says what she thinks. Marco is every girls dream. Sure he is an Ass sometimes (as Sasha calls him)but he's likeable from the start and once you make it thru the emotionally gripping and heart-wrenchingly sad scenes, he's back to being every girls dream!!! Ok, he's definitely my dream! haha.

Fast paced, hot, emotional, fan-bloody-tastic story.  There was not one part that I did not like! If there's one book you must read this weekend, make it this one!

6 stars!

Review by Nas

THE PRICE OF SUCCESS by debut author Maya Blake is a Mills & Boon Modern release for December 2012.

Sasha Fleming watched in shocked silence as her team mate crashed the car in the car race. But she never expected that the team boss, Marco de Cervantes would blame her for the car crash and his younger brother’s accident.

Marco looked after his family. He couldn’t stay on the sidelines when he knew that Sasha had turned down his brother’s proposal minutes before he was due to race. So he planned revenge on Sasha. Then the tables were turned on him. He fell for Sasha in a big way! What would he do now? Would he take his brother’s ‘woman?’

THE PRICE OF SUCCESS actually has all the ingredients for intense, passionate romance. It sizzles with sensuality and mesmerizing emotion. Maya Blake is a debut author but I did not expect romance of such high caliber from her! This book is not just a romance, but it is an outstanding romance. Highly recommended and well worth reading!
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