Yours For The Night by Samantha Hunter

Review by Nas

Yours for the Night: Yours for the Night\Virtually Perfect (Harlequin Blaze)

YOURS FOR THE NIGHT by author Samantha Hunter is a Harlequin Blaze release for October 2012.

We met Bodyguard Garrett Berringer earlier in Samantha Hunter's Mine Until Morning, he was a widower who was waiting for his heart to heal.

Now he is on vacation to SanFrancisco which also concides with his best friend's wedding. He is asked to step in place for a sick groomsman. There he meets bridesmaid Tiffany Walker and they are instantly attracted. Though when he talks of his own marriage, Tiffany misunderstands and walks away as she thought he is a married man. He goes after her and after some explanation; they decide to do a wedding weekend hook up as they both feel the simmering desire between them.

Then disaster struck and Tiffany's secret is out! She is a private investigator. What will happen now? Will Garrett sit back and see someone he loves get in danger again?

YOURS FOR THE NIGHT is a sensational romance which is filled with mystery and danger. The James Bond fan in me loved this thrilling story! Author Samantha Hunter's Berringer Bodyguard's turned out to be a thrilling series. Looking forward eagerly for the next book in this series.

Highly recommended.

VIRTUALLY PERFECT by Samantha Hunter is a takeoff on Internet dating. It was fun and entertaining story but with the underlined emphasis on the danger of online connecting. There is reality depicted amid the romance and sensuality of this story.

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Reviewed by Desere :

Sam Hunter has always been able to totally blow me away with her books. She packs in so much passion and intrigue with her characters that it always feels like I am actually inside the book living it !

And this time around boy oh boy has she done it again only this time it was so much better ! Yes ladies Garrett is a force to be reckoned with he is one of the most scorching hot characters I have read about in some time!

He hooks up with Tiffany and soon we see Sam Hunter's magic at work. With her manner of deep fascinating characterization , stunning backdrops and simply stunningly hot passion and desire.

But also that perfect little twist that I have come to learn is always incorporated into a Sam Hunter novel that just takes the book to a whole new level and adds to the mystery of a romance.

The book was sensual,filled with romance and even danger ! I look forward to the authors next book with renewed anticipation.

5/5 star review

Reviewed by TashNz

Wow! Is it hot in here or just me? Blaze! It sure does in this book. 

Yours For The Night is the first in the Berringer Bodyguards series. Three (hot) brothers run a Bodyguard business. We meet Garrett who is in town for a friends wedding. He's called up to step in for a sick Groomsman. He's not too happy about this until he meets his partner for the wedding, bridesmaid (and junior P.I) Tiffany. Sparks fly instantly and before you know it they enter into what they call a "Wedding Hook-Up"... Unfortunately while they're hooking up Tiffany's family jewellery store is being robbed by what appears to be high class jewel thieves. The thieves are also targeting other jewellery stores around neighborhood.

Garrett is worried about Tiffany, she decides to take the case on by herself but she's new to the world of private investigation and Garrett doesn't want her to get hurt. He offers to help her out since he's going to be in town for a while so she reluctantly lets him become her sidekick.

I really liked the mystery story line, it kept me page turning from the beginning. There's some hot romance thrown in and I cant wait to delve into Case 2, Hers For The Holiday.