The Convenient Bride by Jennifer St George

Reviewed by Nas
The Convenient Bride

THE CONVENIENT BRIDE by author Jennifer St George is released by Destiny Romance.

Antonio Moretti came to repossess a hotel for defaulting on his mortgage payment. But when he met the owner's daughter, sparks flew.

For his personal reasons he makes a proposition to Sienna De Luca for a marriage of convenience. She strikes a deal to get back her hotel after one year. It was a marriage of convenience only. But can they deny their growing awareness of each other? And what would happen when Siena discovers Antonio's secrets?

THE CONVENIENT BRIDE is a lively contemporary romance with a sexy, gorgeous hero you will swoon over and a strong heroine whom you'd love. Author Jennifer St George brought this sparkling tale of unexpected and chance encounters turning into red-hot passion. It is humour with steamy sensuality and heart tugging pathos. Highly recommended.

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Reviewed by Desere :

This is a new author to me but as always I love to give all a fair change and so when the opportunity came to read I grab at it.

The book was a real page turner, the characters just screamed at me ,they were so real. And the author packed vivid emotion combined with loads of hot passion into one excellent read.

The author's stunning story of love,secrets and a large dose of blazing hot passion was simply put ......FABULOUS !

I loved how the author used superb characterization to bring her characters to live for me as reader. 

The dialogue was fresh,fun and new,unlike some of the other more established author I have read this author offered a new take on the marriage of convenience and just made the entire read a whole lot of fun and I found myself laughing out loud more than once.

Well done Jennifer ,I very much look forward to more.

5/5 star review