The Greek's Stolen Bride by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Maria

The Greek legends are still read and studied today because of their timeless themes of love and passion.  Kate Hewitt had adapted this one and given it a modern setting to the story of Theseus and Ariadne and the result is really quite delightful.

This is, in the present time, Theo and Ariana's story.  Ariana is the over-protected daughter of Miles Leotokos, a powerful and wealthy man.  Leotokos has the rather sick hobby of challenging young computer experts to solve the riddle of the Minotaur, a computer virus.  If they succeed, they get employment in Leotokos' company.  If they fail, Leotokos has the clout to ensue that they never get a decent job again.  He has apparently ruined six promising careers so far.

Theo Atrikes isn't too worried about his future though.  He has his own company and claims to be trying to solve the puzzle because he likes a challenge.  However, he gets a challenge from an unexpected source.  Ariana wants Theo to help her to escape from her father's clutches and the arranged marriage he has in mind for her.  She's ready to give him the information to help him solve the puzzle in exchange for her freedom.  Theo isn't really keen to take what Ariana is offering, but helping the young lady to escape?  Well that's a different matter entirely.

This is a gentle but rather exciting romance which takes place in the magical Greek archipelago.  You'll practically see and feel the Aegean sea and the atmosphere of the Greek islands.  Ariana, although sheltered, has a keen intelligence and an will to make it on her own, not just to be rescued and taken care of by another 'master'.  Theo too has to face the challenge of making up his mind whether he really has feelings for Ariana or whether the attraction is in taking her from her father - the man he hates most in the world.

A most enjoyable read.