Marriage Under The Mistletoe by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Nas

Marriage Under the Mistletoe (Harlequin Special Edition)

MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is by author Helen Lacey for the Harlequin Special Editions, releasing November 2012.

Evie Dunn was a widow with a young son. She was the strong, sensible type everyone went to for advice. Then she meets her best friend and sister in law's younger brother.

Younger being the operative word here! He was younger than her. But she couldn't deny Scott Jones was hot and gorgeous and did something to her heart every time she looked at him. And finding that he also felt same about her didn't help matters at all.

She didn't do flings, did she? So how could she be lusting after Scott? And theirs was an explosive attraction! Would Evie give in to her heart's desire for once? Could she only think of herself? But Scott was a firefighter and he risked his life every time he went to work. Could Evie forget her past and move on?

MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is a well written, fast paced story. It takes us to unexpected depths of human relationships and trust. Helen Lacey brought this powerful story of an older woman who is a widow and her relationship when she meets a younger man and falls for him with such realistic imaginary that we are in there with Evie all the way. When she doesn't want to burden a younger man and finds herself pregnant and she works through it. And the relationship depicted between Evie, Scott and Evie's son is enthralling. It's a wonderfully poignant tale of passion, second chance and everlasting love!

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Reviewed by Desere :

I can honestly say that the thought of a older woman getting romantically involved with a younger man has never really interested me on any level as it seems more than a little unbalanced.  

However I am never one to judge true love , not can we decided whom we fall in love with,and I never ever judge a book by it's cover or the back blurb.  

Also knowing that Helen Lacey is a superb author I had no problem getting lost and entranced by this fabulous story of love and romance at it's best.

The author used amazing emotion as she described the lives of Scott and Evie,I cried ,I laughed and I could not get enough ,so yes that is my one complaint the book was too short I wanted it to carry on and learn more about the other backdrop characters but I know that this means there will be more !

I walked away with the true meaning of trust,compassion and love in unexpected places. 

This is the perfect holiday and cheer me up read. I very much look forward to the next one. 

Well done Helen

5/5 star review 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker
Marriage Under the Mistletoe by Helen Lacey
Marriage Under the Mistletoe (Harlequin Special Edition) by Helen Lacey

In the second book in the series we watch Evie and Scott fall in love. Readers will remember Evie Dunn “Noah’s sister” and Scott Jones “Callie’s brother” who we first met in the book Made for Marriage. 

Evie Dunn runs a B and B in the coastal town of Crystal Point. Ten years ago she lost her husband Gordon in an accident during a storm. Now Evie’s focus is on raising her son Trevor and running the Inn. She has loving family and friends and has not really thought about another man. That is until she meets Callie’s brother at the airport.

Scott Jones is one H O T hunk of man. A fantastic body, muscles and tattoo’s oh my. Scott is also 9 years younger than Evie. Not a problem for Scott. He has arrived in Crystal Point for Callie and Noah’s wedding. But he can’t seem to take his eyes off of the lovely Evie. But one thing he has against him is he is a Firefighter back in California. And it will take a lot to convince Evie he can be the right man for her, after their holiday romance leaves them with a surprise gift on the way. 

I loved both of the main characters in this story. None of the; I love you-hate you- back and forth. The main issues of the story were about age difference and his being a Firefighter. It just hit a little too close to home for Evie after as her late husband was a first responder. You also felt the attraction right from the start. 

I recommend this series to all romance readers.

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.