Hot for the Fireman by Jennifer Bernard

Hot for Fireman (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, #2)

Reviewed by Desere:

This was book two from The Bachelor Fireman Series and I am at a loss  for words to tell you just how awesome this book was.

I have always, always had a very strong liking for fireman,ok more like a obsession and having read the first book from this absolutely stunning series I was definitely not going to miss out on this one.

This time around we get to know more about the sexy as sin, makes you weak at your knees with a mere look, toned in all the right places, Ryan Blake.

From the first book in the series I got to know a little about him and his affirmations but it was more about the fact that he can get any girl to do anything all night long by just smiling at her. But this time the author peeled back the layers and really gave me as reader the low down on him.

He did not have a great childhood and yes ladies he was a bad boy (don't you just love those) but he has worked hard to work his way up the ladder and prove he is more than just a pretty face with a bad rep. Only he has one small flaw and that is that he never thinks only reacts and that is what causes him to loose his job as fireman.

But with this it also brings him to the cute as a button but very feisty Katie. Katie has a exceptionally hard time to keep her fantasies about Ryan at bay as she believes there is no way a hot guy like Ryan would want her. Along with this the author also brings into play a series of fire related events that draws Katie and Ryan deeper together with a passion so explosive it will leave you just as breathless as I was.

The author also let me as reader a little deeper into the lives of the other fire fighters who are no doubt going to have their own books,hopefully coming very soon.

The dialogue was fun and witty and the  little sayings Ryan and Katie throw at each other was really delightful. The author truly packed this read with emotion, passion and just plain good old fashioned hot romance!

I loved how the author sent across a message of sometimes the unexpected of events can lead you right to where you need to be, and under the surface of a pretty face lies the true heart of a hero.

Ryan was and will forever be a character that will stay with me and remind me that letting go of the past and focusing on your future instead of trying to run from it is a life lesson that must be remembered.

I look forward to the next part of the truly hot series.
5/5 star review

"Fire has never been hotter"