Billionaire Bodyguard by Kristi Avalon


Reviewed by Desere

Which of us would not want a strong, tough as nails, sexy as sin man to make her feel safe, protected, sexy and loved...answer all of us do!

In this book Allison found just that only when she has him she feels trapped. The reasoning behind this was a truly remarkable and entertaining plot. Her ex husband made her life a living hell, and since the day she walked out the door he has come back for her time and time again, each time with vengeful.

Enter the man that will and can save her absolutely stunning and delicious stepped out of my dreams Logan. Sounds perfect right, well ladies not with the demons poor Alison is fighting. Logan has his work cut out for him. I felt true sorrow for poor Alison and true moments of " I am going to slap Logan if he does not get it now"!

I truly loved this book from the very start the the end it had me entranced  wanting more and needing to get to the next scene! It was powerful and emotional and so very well written.

The main characters were both strong in the sense that they know what they want and know how to fight for it be it love or independence or trust. But with this is also brought on fits of rage as these two go up against each other, one needing to build up a ever lasting protective layer of independence and the other wanting to break that wall down. That was simply so stunning to read as I as reader could with vivid clarity see the author take away layer after layer baring the souls of both characters.

The secondary characters were wonderful, each playing a very unique and supportive role. The back drop setting was exquisite, the descriptions of Logan's home so clear that I could very well of been standing right in front of it.

The author gave me everything I expected from the back blurb, romance, passion, intrigue, action and ending straight out of true life drama.

This was the first time reading this author but believe me it will not be the last!

I highly recommend this read for all!

5/5 star review
"Being saved by a true hero during the height of danger as simply never been this sexy and romantic"