Stand-in Star by Rachael Johns

Stand-In Star

Reviewed by Desere

This was one awesome romance! I fell in love with the plot, the characters the setting of glitz and glamour and  that is not even to mention the family secrets hiding in the closet!

Holly needs to collect her deceased sister's Academy Award but once there she is as lost as a fish on dry land. She is not Hollywood material and definitely no fan of the paparazzi.

Enter sexy as sin Nate with his oh me oh my smouldering looks ready to save her. But both has some secrets and this causes a battle of wills, a uphill of endless twists and turns and takes romance meets Hollywood to a whole new level.

Both characters were beautifully written by the very talented author Rachael Johns. The chemistry between Holly and Nate is strong, powerful, demanding but both fight it for their own reasons,which I might add once revealed by the author just made the book more awesome!

I loved the setting of Hollywood being incorporated with the glitz, the glam and the havoc the press can release on people's lives.

I simply adored how the author pulled back layer after layer of each character bringing forth the truth, the hidden feelings and the ultimate attraction to a feverish boiling point so scorching hot that the only words left to describe it ," this is the kind of attraction that sets of fireworks and leaves you seeing stars".

The dialogue was fun at times but also emotional enough to give me a insight into the feelings the author was trying to convey to me as reader. The ending was unbelievably perfect and as to not spoil it all, I will only say this ...... don't you dare miss this one!

Awesome work Rachael bring us more!

5/5 star review

Reviewed by Nas

STAND IN STAR by author Rachael Johns is a January 2013 release by Carina Press.

Holly McCartney just went to LA for the award ceremony on behalf of her dead sister, Daisy. She didn’t expect to be thrust in the limelight and be rescued by the very intriguing Nate Devlin. And he is not too happy with the situation or with her seems obvious.

But why did Nate hate her without meeting her?

STAND IN STAR is a lively contemporary romance with a sexy, gorgeous hero you will swoon over and a strong heroine whom you’d love. Author Rachael Johns brought this sparkling tale of unexpected and chance encounters turning into red-hot passion.

 Highly recommended.

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