The Downfall of a Good Girl by Kimberly Lang

The Downfall of a Good Girl

Reviewed by Desere

I completely and entirely adored this book, the fall from grace of good girl Vivi due to the very sexy a sin sinner Connor was a absolutely thrill to read from start to finish.

The clever use of a Sinners and Saints contest used to gather funds for hurricane victims is what pulled this one together and made for explosive, passionate and simply put delicious reading.

The author did a brilliant job with the characters of both Vivi and Conner, both strong, independent and in it to win it.  Add to that the fact that they both cannot keep their hands off each other and the pages were blazing with passion. I loved how Vivi is the perfect untouchable pageant queen to the outside world and Conner the I can do no wrong in the eyes of my fans star.

I also simply adored how the author first lets the two tear at each others throats before tearing at each other clothes, which for me as reader just made this a even more fun read,as it brought forth a very clever, fun and witty dialogue. Some scenes had be laughing out loud and others touched my soul bringing home the point that confusion and misunderstanding can bring forth total disruption to others lives.

I could not get enough of how the author lets Vivi become a sinner and lets Connor go the route of Saint,turning the tables and lacing the book with emotional impact and self discovery.

The backdrop of New Orleans was the perfect setting for this romance of angel vs devil. The author packed in so much emotion that I as reader actually thought I was living the book, seeing the characters play out scenes before me.

A powerful,emotional,fun and fresh read from brilliant,passionate always heartfelt author Kimberly Lang, who has certainly proven to me once again why she is one of our best selling authors of all time.

Brilliant work Kimberly, bring us more!

"Loosing to the devil himself has never been sexier"

5/5 star review