Drawing Closer by Jenny Schwartz

:Drawing Closer

Reviewed by Desere:

Art has never been sexier than this really fun, sexy and passionate read from a define great author. I loved the touch that Zoe is secretly in love with sculptor Nick and yes as reader I know the "secretly in love " thing has been done a number of times but trust me ladies not like this!

Zoe is a great sketch artist and inside her sketchbook she hides not only her talent so to speak but also her secret and very naked obsession with Nick.

Yes you did read correctly I said naked obsession and this is just one of the little tid bits that made this a great, fun and quick read that I totally loved.

Both characters were unique in their own right and and Zoe going all protective of Nick when he gets blackmailed was the key to this one and for me as reader gave that protective over those we love instinct charm to the book only this time it was unique in the sense that it is not the guy protecting the girl but the other way around, loved that touch Jenny!

This was a short and sweet book yet as short as it was it still oozed emotion and sensuality. I also really adored that the book had a certain upbeat action feel to it.

Nicely done Jenny, keep them coming!

5/5 star review

Reviewed by TashNz

As a lover of the Arts I devoured Drawing Closer, an intense, passionate and fast paced story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Zoe is a painter and sketcher who shares space with her close friend and sculptor Nick. They've reached a point in their lives where they need to explore the feelings each is harboring for the other but they're interrupted

I loved the characters. They were believable and extremely likable   I loved the main setting being their work space.  I loved the threat that came between all parties. I loved the fast pace that everything happened. It was quick, punchy and to the point but delightfully crammed full of decadant passion, gripping action and finely detailed descriptions which went over and above the call of duty, ie, when a character rose quickly and angrily from the table the detail continued on to noting not only did the chair scrape backwards as the character rose but it toppled over as well... fantastic writing, I could totally picture it happening.  I also love the pun of the title, perfect!

If you're looking for something quick to fill the time in, look no further.  Don't let the fact that it's a quick read put you off, each page is 100% action packed with all the elements that make a fantastic romantic story.  It could totally be drawn out to a full 12 chapter novel but short and sweet was perfect in this case.

P.S fab teasers included in upcoming stories from Escape Publishing, a digital publisher with mainly Australian and NZ Authors.

5 Stars!

Reviewed by Maria

It's quality, not quantity that counts, according to traditional wisdom.  In today's fast moving world, shorter reads are more and more in demand.  This novelette from Jenny Schwartz is a perfect example of a power packed read and a satisfying story in a few short, well written chapters.  Every moment of reading this is a joy.

Jenny Schwartz engages the reader at the outset with an intriguing premise, but that's not the half of it.  The characters are attractive and identifiable and the action is underway in no time, bringing the reader on an enjoyable - and yes unforgettable - journey.  DRAWING CLOSER is an emotional read, highly charged, with drama and intrigue aplenty.  One laughs at the irony of  Zoe and Nick, being in love with each other and each one thinking that the other doesn't fancy them.  It makes the conclusion that much more - rewarding, shall we say?

DRAWING CLOSER is brought to us by Escape Publishing, a new digital publisher specializing in Australia based fiction.