Masquerade by Nicole Flockton


Reviewed by Desere

Sweet, passionate, sensual, romantic, passionate are just some words that came to mind while reading this fabulous book!

I completely adored that Sophie and Alex have a hot and steamy night together( the whole masquerade ball idea LOVED IT) and then go their separate ways until a cruel twist of fate brings them back together so forceful that they both feel like they have been hit by a truck and are in need of some serious medical attention.

The characters were beautifully brought to life by the truly unique writing of Nicole Flockton. Both were strong, independent, go getters and both found it impossible to resit the strong and overpowering sexual attraction between each other.

The characters were so real that I felt as it I could actually feel the anguish of poor Sophie and the roller coaster of emotions Alex takes her on.

I loved the medical backdrop and the incorporation of real medical emergencies gave the book that true life feel. I loved that there were interesting main and secondary characters and the whole book was just a delight to read.

I loved that this was a easy read the words rolled of the pages.

Excellent work Nicole I look forward to your next one!

5/5 star review


Review by TashNz

Masquerade is a beautiful and sweet romantic story set in the fast lane of the Emergency Department.

I adored the beginning (I swear I wrote this before I saw Desere's review).  Alex and Sophie, seemingly two opposites, meet and attract at the New Years Masquerade Ball.  The night goes off with a bang.  I could just imagine the beautiful setting in Perth, the lights glittering and the fireworks above, it was put together beautifully.  Alex and Sophie spend the night together, one night they both agree will be literally just one night before they carry on with their lives.  I was mesmerised by the descriptive writing and I loved the description of Alex undoing Sophie's mask and Sophie let if flutter to the ground. It was like an analogy of Sophie letting go of the past and starting anew.

Neither know who each other is until they meet again in the ED cubicle.  Dr Scavoni and Nurse Sophie! There's shock for both parties to look up at each other over a patient they are rushing to save.  Even more shocking to discover they are both the heads of their departments and have to share an office.  I really liked the discovery of who they were and how it was handled.  There was the perfect amount of shock and even humour when Sophie tells Alex all she needs now is his wife to turn up slap her.  Brilliantly written.

From here it just gets better and better.  Alex knows he's fighting a loosing battle with his feelings for Sophie.  Sophie's experience with her ex fiance is her main roadblock and who he is but both are drawn together like magnets.  With the background of thrilling emergencies and the delightful romantic thrills I was cursing I had to put the story down!

How do Alex and Sophie handle working together?  Can they resist their desires to reenact their one night?  It was only supposed to be one night!  How do they handle the complications of their pasts to enable to set them selves free to take a chance with each other?  Only reading Masquerade will help answer those questions.

I loved Masquerade and would highly recommend it for anyone who loves beautiful and sweet romantic stories mixed in with fantastic emergencies that one faces in the fast track of ED.  I don't read many Medicals, thanks to Masquerade I am seriously hooked and am now going to devour as many Medicals as I can.

5 stars for sure!

Reviewed by Maria

The title of this book and the cover are testament to the old saying 'never judge a book by it's cover'.  I had thought it would be something darkly erotic.  And I couldn't have been more wrong.  And that's the second time a book has fooled me recently.

Sophie and Alex meet on New Year's Eve at a masked ball.  Both are hurting from broken relationships and the possibility that their job/position in society may make it impossible to ever be in a happy relationship.  They're drawn together and decide to spend the night together, top secret and no repercussions.  But life has a way of  sneaking up on you and catching you out.  Especially your next day back at work.

I've no intention of spoiling the surprise, but believe me, when you've been no hold barred intimate with someone and they're working beside you right after that, this is one heck of a problem.  What do you do?  Carry on as if it never happened?  Or get into a relationship anyway and see if it will work out?  What have you got to lose anyway?

An intriguing little story.  I enjoyed it a lot.  I confess I was a little astonished that Sophie didn't take medication when she was ill, especially given the nature of her profession, but I suppose people in medicine and nursing are human just like the rest of us.  I also confess that I was a little disappointed in the hero at the black moment., although he redeemed himself just in time.  Maybe other readers wouldn't agree, but then, that's me....

I enjoyed this book and would recommend this to readers of romantic fiction.