One Hit Wonder by Elyssa Patrick

Reviewed by Desere

This author's book is SO not a one hit wonder! The book was absolutely enchanting. I loved that glitz and glamour backdrop.

The story goes that Jane has to at all cost avoid the kisses of her boss and he again has every intention of making sure he gives her as many as possible.

Both the characters of Jane and Damon were fabulous,and reading about how Jane does everything she can think of to avoid Damon and him turning up the heat every chance he gets was a true delight!

The author really packed a lot of emotion into each and every aspect of the book and brought it all to a wonderful high with exquisite intensity.

Not wanting to give too much away here as believe me you will want to read this one,I will say the following: Damon and Jane are characters that will stay with me for a long time and every time I watch a performer on stage this is the story that will be in the back of my mind. Yes it was that powerful and memorable.

I recommend this read for any lover of romance with a twist in a fun, creative yet crazy world of what happens behind the scenes.

Well done Elyssa,bring on more!

5/5 star review