The One That Got Away by Kelly Hunter

The One That Got Away

Reviewed by Desere

This was one seriously incredible read! I fell in love with the heartbroken and turmoil 'ed character of Logan, so much the man brought me to tears.

The author did a exquisite job at brining together the characters of Logan and Evie, two souls that are meant to be together yet there are demons from Logan's past that prevent him for letting go and finding happiness with the one woman that is his everything.

I loved how the author played with the erotic parts,letting me as reader pick up on the wild sex Logan and Evie share, but at the same time not giving me all the details which allowed me as reader to get that perfect balance between a Harlequin romance and a erotica book.

The characters were both strong and independent, and the turmoil of Logan's insecurities is what made the character of Evie such a delight to read about, she does not back down and is not afraid to push Logan for what she needs and for the man she knows he can be to come out of hiding. I adored reading how the author lets Evie draw Logan out from his shell of old entrapping memories.

The author used the somewhat clashing personalities of both characters, the erotic element and the troubles from the past to bring forth a story so breath takingly stunning and emotional, that it is one that will stay with me for a long time.

I particularly loved the fact that the author incorporated abuse into the book reminding me that this might as well be about real people as so many woman suffer at the hands of controlling and overbearing men that in the end it does severe scarring to the personalties of children who get caught up in the whole mess.

The book was a combination of erotica, romance and emotional upset combined with the message that we sometimes need to look deep within ourselves and find the right balance between love and control to make it work.

Excellent work Kelly!

"Between the line of pleasure and pain,there is love"

5/5 star review