Blaze - Eight Scorching Tales From the Minxes of Romance ~Various Authors

Reviewed by Desere

As a huge fan of fire fighter hero's I could not get to reading this book fast enough and WOW what a incredible book this was.

A collection of passionate,intriguing mind blowing tales of romance in a small town filled with hunky fireman and even sexy fire woman and the men and woman who bring them to their knees.

From the first book that offers a look at old flames being reignited ,to parent and teacher doing more than talking education to a stressed out lawyer getting stuck in a chimney and being rescued in more ways than one,each and every read was spectacular.

Fun, flirty, sexy, romantic, and not only were the descriptions of the authors sexy as sin fireman absolutely stunning the book was also a very easy read,and I finished it in a hour.

Each author did a spectacular job at zeroing in on the emotions of their characters and I also loved that all stories were set in the village of Coombethwaite, giving it that close knit family feeling.

Eight short stories all very well written.

The definite pick me up for when you need some rescuing. Nicely done ladies!

Deliciously hot and tempting 

5/5 star review

Reviewed by  Maria

That minxy bunch of romance writing women, the Minxes of Romance have come up with a terrific idea for an anthology - all the stories are set in one place and all the stories have a common theme - fire!  Now there's a way for a dedicated romance reader to keep the winter cold at bay.

Coombethwaite is a rural English village with its very own resident gossip and cat loving old lady, Mrs. Cromaty and a pub called the King's Head.  It also has a posse of dedicated firefighters, all eligible and passionate men, some full time firefighers and some part time.  Oh and there's a firewoman too.  These are eight ebook shorts teamed (themed?) up in one anthology and combined, they're actually great value.

They are stand alone short stories which all together  make up a great read.  There are varying heat levels and this is a good choice for a romance reader who want to get out of their comfort zone and try a different level.  I'm more of a sweet romance girl myself so I was rather partial to Suzanna Ross's 'Smouldering  Attraction' and also to Tara Pammi's story which was, in my view, outstanding.  All in all, this was a most enjoyable read.  All the Minxes are top class writers.

Get this one!


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