Dangerous Flirtation by Liz Fielding

Dangerous Flirtation

Reviewed by Desere

This was such a delight to read, a oldie but such a goody! Rosie has the perfect life all woman dream of having that will allow for her future to be exactly what she dreamed of as little girl.

She has the good job that she actually loves and the stable, reliable fiancĂ©e that she needs to make it all work.

But the arrival of a oh me oh my sexy stranger Jack (that btw the author so very nicely "delivers" to us as a "kiss o gram" ~ really loved that touch Liz) lets Holly realize that she craves the forbidden.

And yes ladies I am talking some seriously dangerous passion that invokes a lot more that simply flirtation.The characters were strong, independent, and so much fun to read about.

I loved seeing  how Jack draws Holly out of her "don't touch or I will break" covering and lets loose the woman behind the business suit.

This is the perfect book to put you in the mood for dangerous romance! This book was re-released under a new cover.

4/5 star review


Review by Nas

Dangerous Flirtation

DANGEROUS FLIRTATION by author Liz Fielding is a vintage title from her backlist.

Rosalind is in a comfortable life, with comfortable job and stable fiancee. Then enters hot, gorgeous Jack with a 'kiss a gram' for her birthday!

Her fiancee is furious when he saw Holly in Jack's arms being kissed soundly by him!

Rosalind is horified to realise that she responded to Jack and is attracted to him! What will she do now? Will she leave her comfortable life and walk ahead for Jack?

DANGEROUS FLIRTATION ia an amazing romance. I love Liz Fielding's books and her master story telling always makes me loose myself in the story. It is a story I thoroughly enjoyed. Well worth reading!

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reviewed by Maria

This one made me laugh out loud.  An absolute treat.  A sweet romance with a real comic element.

I think we all know someone like Rosie, if we're not like that ourselves.  Someone who dutifully signs up to marry a 'nice' reliable man, steering clear of those heartbreakers who would wreck your life without a second thought.  Except that 'Mr Right' could be 'Mr Wrong' if you don't get with him for the right reasons, i.e. because he makes you truly happy.

When the sedate Rosie Parry looks up from her desk to find herself being serenaded by a handsome saxaphone player, she thinks her life has gone as crazy as it's going to get.  She's wrong.  It gets worse.  And worse.  And her boss and future husband Anthony Harlowe is none too pleased.  But he become even more displeased when he chances upon Rosie and the saxaphone alone together in a most unexpected place.

As I said before, this is a writer on top of her craft.  Her timing is impeccable.  The story flows smoothly, with a few surprises along the way.  Rosie and Jack just jump off the page and their love story will delight you.