Old Desires by Liz Fielding

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine opening your door to a sexy stranger coming to deliver news of a death in the family.  Or worse you attend the will reading of the deceased and major shock follows  ...she was not your aunt by your mother!

Old DesiresThis is the start to the fabulous book by one of the best authors of all time.  The chemistry and rough moments of some very delightful dialogue between Joshua and Holly was splendid and so much fun to read.

I loved how the author used little tricks here and there to bring these two characters to a fiery duel of romance.

What I especially loved was the mystery behind the identity of Holly's father. It added to the allure of the book and in the end brought it all together for me as reader.

This is one of Liz's earlier books re-released with a new cover. But the book was certainly not old fashioned in any manner, the author still delivered a stunning romance. I was left with a everlasting impression of love found in unexpected places under rather suspenseful and unnerving circumstances bringing forth a revelation of another kind.

The author achieved her goal of awakening desires with a explosive flame !
Nicely done Liz!

4/5 star review

Review by Nas

Old Desires

OLD DESIRES by author Liz Fielding is another vintage romance from her backlist.

Joshua Kent was arrogant, overbearing and Holly resented him. He came to bring her news of her aunt's death.

Later Holly finds she was a heiress. And Joshua resents her, believing her to be a gold-digger. But what would happen when Holly uncovers some family secrets?

And the explosive chemistry between Rosalind and Joshua is throwing the wrnch in teh works!

OLD DESIRES is a romance which packs emotional and sensual tension. Liz Fielding always write beautiful romances and this was no exception! Well worth reading and highly recommended!

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Reviewed by Maria

A vintage Liz Fielding novel which made me realize something interesting.  Since returning to reading romance novels several years ago, I've come to understand that Liz Fielding is a romance novelist on top of her craft.  Reading this one has made me understand that she's been on top of her craft for a very long time indeed.  She knows how to give a reader a good time - to make you laugh, cry and make your heart leap with the very intimate and tender emotions that only new love can bring.

The two main characters, Holly and Joshua quickly become familiar - Holly, a loving, vulnerable young woman who lost her beloved mother in recent years and who has been struggling along as an art teacher and Joshua, cold, forbidding and judgmental.  Prejudiced against poor Holly really.  Holly's struggle to come to terms with her parentage and the gradual melting of Joshua's prejudice.  As the story gradually moves towards the realization of the truth, the reader is right there with her.

Interestingly, the point of view is all Holly's. Unlike many of the romance novels of today, we don't get the male POV.  And do you know what?  We don't want to either.  It's very much Holly's story, and the story of her engagement with the reader.

Highly recommended.  A warm, lovely read.