Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly

:Waking Up Married

Reviewed by Desere ~

Mira Lyn Kelly turns romance into sizzling reality! I fell in love with this book straight from the start. The character of Conner was just too good to be true, successful, sexy, caring, understanding and charming as hell and a man after every woman's heart.

The author takes the rather unconventional character of Megan to turn Conner's life upside down and visa versa. They marry during a night of drunken stupor in Vegas.  But Megan has her life all figured out and being married to Connor is not part of the game plan,but with absolute exquisite passion and some very sneaky moves Connor manages to convince Megan they can make it work, and he will not give into a divorce.

The author completely blew me away with the intense passion between Megan and Connor. She weaved the emotional spell of strangers falling in love and ultimately gaining so much more from each other than their previous lives had to offer.

I loved how the author used each and every bit of Connor's sexy as sin charm to lay it on thick in each instance he could find,to turn Megan's insides to jelly.

Both characters were fun,delightful and the dialogue was crazy, fun ,fresh, funky and modern. I simply adored how the author not only let us in on the feelings and thoughts of Megan but also that of Conner,giving me as reader a better insight into each one's emotions and POV.

And last but certainly not least,I loved,loved the way the author made this read real ,she used her very uniqe writing technique to let me as reader feel as if I was reading true life romance rather than fiction.

This was fun and sexy romance and is guaranteed to put you into a romantic and flirty mood.

Waking up married has never been this sexy. 

5/5 star review