Be Mine by Jennifer Crusie, Victoria Dahl and Shannon Stacey

Be Mine:  Sizzle\Too Fast to Fall\Alone With You

Reviewed by Desere

Three of the most awesome and intensely written stories of romance of all time, nicely packaged into one read.

All three the stories in this book were hot, hot, hot. And filed with romance, passion, intrigue and the perfect elements for Valentines!

In the first book Sizzle by Jennifer Crusie I was entertained with fun, witty and sassy one liners and I really laughed out loud at the scenarios the characters ended up in. The story was about Emily and Richard, he needs to control her and control her he will, be it in the office or in his bed. Fun, sexy and and a really great romantic comedy, with loads of sizzle! This is a new author to me but I will for sure be looking for me of her books.

The second book was from Victoria Dahl the queen of hot romance herself. And my oh my was this read hot and sexy to the point of distraction! I met Jenny and Nate were the perfectly matched couple. She loves speed but when she meets Nate she finds herself not speeding her car but rather trying to calm her racing heartbeat. The book was seriously sexy! Victoria has once again captured my heart.

The last read in this book was one from Shannon Stacey. It dealt with Darcy and Jake, a couple so meant to be together! After their one incredibly hot night they went their separate ways however when they come face to face again they decide that one night was so not enough! A really hot read and the author has again proved to me that if it is meant to be it will be.

Each book was uniquely written by three very talented authors. It dealt with elements of old fires rekindled, new love found and self discovery.

If your looking for the perfect read to snuggle down to this is the read for you. You will not only be entertained you find yourself crying,  laughing, and at the end of the day you will also walk away with three valuable lessons learned from each book.

Harlequin has combined three of the most sexy and passionate reads perfectly. I highly recommend this read to all lovers of sexy, fun and flirty romance.

5/5 star review

"  A sizzling, sexy, falling for a fictional hero read" 

Review by TashNz

Three fast-paced short stories which will heat up those of you stuck inside over winter on Valentines Day.

Sizzle, actually a perfect title! Emily has problems with sticking to the company budget. Enter Richard... and the sizzling sparks are flying left right and center.  Emily is fab and her friend Jane deserves a special mention. Trivia: Jennifer Cruise's first novel.

Too Fast to Fall - Very funny! Very hot! Very fast! Lots of action. Waitress Jenny owns a super sexy Camaro is stopped for speed by Deputy Sheriff Nate for the FIFTH time.  Man in uniform, yes thank you!  Love the way the story started and roller-coastered to the dramatic end. Trivia: Book two of Victoria Dahl's series set in Jackson, Wyoming.(I'll definitely be looking the others up)! Loved It!

Along With You - a second chances story. Fate brings Darcy and Jake together again. A quick read which I could definitely have read more of. I loved the humor and am super happy to have been introduced to an author I haven't read before. Trivia: I don't have any for this book ;)

Highly recommended for Valentines Day Reading :)