The Trouble with Valentine's by Kelly Hunter

The Trouble with Valentine's

Reviewed by Desere

Ladies after reading this book from the absolute queen of romance, sizzle and sensual passion I will never be able to look at another fictional hero in the same way.

The character of Nick was incredible and I loved him to the point of distraction. Seriously ladies I am still wiping drool away from my lips, the man was simply delish!

The plot was one that the stuff "pretty woman dreams" are made of. Hallie loves to flirt with danger and when drop dead good looking, make me weak in the knees, take me to bed right now I am yours to do with as you please Nick makes her the offer of a lifetime she jumps at the chance head first, or rather falls into his arms and falls lips first for his to die for kisses.

But of course she does not bargain that being Nick's pretend wife for a week will leave her in love with a man she simply cannot life without.

The characters were sensational! The use of this all being centred around Valentines stunningly perfect, and the author took each and every element of romance to a new high!

I loved the manner this author used to layer her characters so much in detail it left me totally overwhelmed with emotions. The very idea of being paid to pretend to be the wife of a sexy hero sounds familiar as yes it has been done in many romance books before but believe me this author took not only the very idea and turned it into a awesome and compelling read but totally overwhelmed me as reader with the possibilities and complications that can go along with such a deal.

The dialogue was sexy and fun and oozed sensuality and hot sex! I am completely in love with this read and I highly recommend this one. This one Valentines Day read that will blow you away!

5/5 stars
"Tiffany rings borrowed or bought can lead to dangerously hot consequences of the most delicious kind" 

Review by TashNz

The Trouble with Valentines is a sunny and bright chic-lit story with drama and suspense carefully woven carefully thru the pages.

Hallie is witty and adorable, Mike is amazing. They are thrown together when they meet randomly and Hallie agrees to be Mike's pretend wife. Before she knows it she's winging her way to Hong Kong with Mike to help him secure an important deal. Once they land in Hong Kong they are caught up in what seems to be a plot against Mike's life.  While we're in Hong Kong we meet the secondary characters Kai and Jasmine.  Where Hallie and Mike's story was light, fun and irresistible, Kai and Jasmine's story was rich with age-old family tradition, loyalty and forbidden love. Both stories complement each other and is magically intermingled with race-against-the-clock suspense!

If you're looking for the perfect chick-lit book with full of witty laugh-out-loud dialogue mixed with the perfect balance of suspense and intrigue, look no further than The Trouble with Valentine's!